I Miss Being Crazy – Sound City Presenter, Pearl Cardy

Sound City presenter and producer, Pearl Cardy, in this interview with thegazellenews.com correspondent, ZAINAB EJIRO OWHOKA, speaks on her job and alleged romance with colleague and co-presenter, Adam. Here are excerpts from the interview:

You just launched an online platform, pearlcardy.com, what prompted the move?

It is about making Pearl Cardy broader, like a bigger brand, and it is also about change. A lot of people have websites and most of them are either just blogs or they are just about news. But I’m creating a community website where people can contribute. It is a collective job actually; it is not just about Pearl but, Pearl and other things that will be going on it. I have not really completed all the stuff I want to do on it but it is just something I want to do.

Where is Pearl Hart really from?

I am a Nigerian and I am from Rivers State.

As a TV personality, what is it that you love doing but cannot do anymore?

I don’t think that there are things I used  to do that I don’t do because, I try to make my brand such that I am just the way I am anywhere, anytime. The only difference is there are certain places that you cannot be caught in. There are times that you go out with your friends and you want to act mad and go crazy but you can’t do that being a TV personality, the only thing I miss is “being crazy”.pearl hart 3

You studied Geography and Town Planning, how is it related to being a presenter?

It is not related in anyway. The thing is I used to be smart in school. When I say I used to be, it doesn’t mean I’m not smart anymore. But the smart kid in school actually goes to Science Class and you feel that is where it is. I always had interest with ecosystem, living things, nature and how it evolves. But even when I was in school, I used to model, I used to act as well and I used to present back then. After school, it was not difficult to just pick up one of the things I have done. But it doesn’t mean that I cannot decide to be an environmentalist tomorrow.

Seeing that what you studied is different from what you do, how did you adapt?

Like I said, when I was in school I used to do these things on the side, so it wasn’t difficult to just take it up. Especially when you are young, all young girls like to be models, they like to be actresses, that would have come at some point.

Between being a producer and a presenter which one brings more fulfilment?
I think being a producer should, because you have an idea of what you want a program or an edition to look like and then you are able to get things to work and get it to look just like the way you want it as a producer hence that is more fulfilling because the idea is only in your head but the moment you are able to bring it out and people can see it and understand and feel the same way, that is the real deal. But being a presenter on the other hand helps too, because you tell people what you are seeing and you make it very interesting, so they are engrossed and are listening to you, that as well has its own fulfilment. When you can make people smile; someone who is bored is excited to see you, that too is fulfilling, but I think being a producer is more fulfilling for me.pearl hart

What do you have to say about the alleged romance between you and co-VJ, Adam?

(Laugh) I have no idea what that is, honestly I am confused and I don’t understand how someone can just cook up a story like that. There is nothing between Adams and I. we are cool and we have known each other from way back. We are colleagues now and that’s what it should be. You can’t be dating your colleague.

What is the nicest thing a fan has done or said to you?

There are lots. When people go all over Ttwitter and are like I am their role model that is basic. An adult would be like I just love you. That is why I said being a presenter is fulfilling because you will get so much love from people and you are amazed at how many people’s lives you have touched by just being on television. There is someone who wrote on his bio on Twitter, after writing about himself, wrote “I am in love with Pearl of Sound City”.

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