School Plus Show Enters Second Quarter, Plans Advocacy For Children With Learning Disability


-Temitope Ogunniyi

Children with learning disability and those in need of learning support and their parents can now express and articulate their needs and concerns on the School Plus Show- an educational radio talk show targeted at the entire school community.

The show airs every Saturday morning on Rainbow 94.1 FM FM, Lagos.

“We are like mixture of the home, the classroom and a PTA meeting on air and children are also expected to be heard and make inputs in the course of the conversation”, says Kingsley Obom-Egbulem the creator of the show who is also its producer.

“Not many radio shows have an agenda bigger than what the show is all about. But we want to depart form that norm and for us making schools see the need to create room for kids with a variety of learning styles,preferences and temperaments is our advocacy direction”, says Obom-Egbulem.

“On this show, we have a stand that we intend to drive home through every episode. For instance we dont believe every child should be bothered about tests or be given home works they cant do on their own. We dont believe schools should turn down children for not passing their entrance exams-in fact if you are a indeed a good school that is the child you should admit. We also don’t believe in grading kids and insisting that exams must always be in written format and thats because children are uniquely different and a good educational system must take note of that”, Obom-Egbulem added.

The School Plus Show which is fast becoming the preferred show for many schools, parents and children in need of elevated conversation laced with fun and excitement on early child education in Nigeria targets children, parents, teachers, school owners and anyone whose life and work impact greatly on teaching and learning for early years.

Now in its second quarter, the show was designed to change the face of early child education in Nigeria by exploring issues that influence learning, teaching and the well being of teachers and the children they teach. The show also serves as a capacity building platform for teachers as well as parents who need value for money spent on education.

“We celebrate creative teachers and spotlight-gifted children and showcase their schools, their parents and teachers while having fun”, says Temitope Ogunniyi the presenter of the show who is not just a classroom teacher but also an advocate of emotional learning.

“We would be running a fans club, embarking on child-led CSR initiatives, book and creative writing workshops, intensive Nigerian language clinic every long holiday, while working with schools/teachers and showcasing their strengths and many more off-air activations. We are creating a growing albeit loyal community that would shape the way we go about the business of early child education in Nigeria”, said Obom-Egbulem.

Aside just running a radio show, the School Plus Show intends to be a voice for three hard-core issues, Learning and Developmental Disability especially speaking up for kids in need of learning support especially autistic and dyslexic kids, Child Abuse Advocacy -Providing strategic communication support and platforms for organisations working to end all forms child abuse and sourcing for capacity building opportunities for teachers in public primary and secondary schools since they are the ones that teach and interface with the largest population of our children.

“Whoever trains them empowers them to improve the minds of the children they teach” says Obom-Egbulem who is also a children minister and head of the Junior Church in Daystar Christian Centre,Lagos.


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