Ekiti 2018: Don’t Gamble With Your Ticket, Bamidele Tells APC

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele, has appealed to the leadership of the party not to allow anyone to gamble with its ticket in the July 14 governorship election in Ekiti State.

Bamidele told the party in clear terms to concede the ticket to a popular candidate that can dislodge the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), rather than a candidate that was not sure of victory but only embarking on trial and error exercise.

The former commissioner assured that no member of the party will be alienated in his government if the party eventually concedes the ticket to him to contest for the 2018 governorship poll.

Bamidele hinted that a governor can only gain the confidence of the people when he runs an all-inclusive government, saying nobody or group will be alienated or discriminated against under his leadership.

The former House of Representatives member spoke in Ode Ekiti, headquarters of Gbonyin Local Government on Wednesday while interfacing with the party members in the council on his governorship ambition.

Bamidele applauded the resilience and steadfastness of the party members since they returned to opposition in 2014, describing the trait as lofty and

He added that he remains one of the most trusted party leaders, who had received tutelage through the right channel to be able to run a responsible party structure as a governor, promising to subsume all the existing caucuses in the party into one through outstanding leadership that will be acceptable to all members.

“I am a thorough-bred politician , I understand the game and I know the importance of cohesive force in any party. No matter how strong a party is, if it allows internal crisis by way of discrimination, it will collapse and become emasculated to be able to win elections.

“I promise to treat everybody with respect, both highs and lows . I will engage you in all the state’s policies, particularly the sensitive ones and get your inputs because you are important and whoever despises you does that at his own peril.

“APC is a political party that can win the July 14 election if the right things are done. I believe if we reorganize and put behind us whatever misgivings and misunderstandings we had in the past, then APC will get it right and we shall record a resounding victory”.

Bamidele apologized to whoever he must have offended by his action in the 2014 governorship election, which he contested on the platform of Labour Party, saying he did that to protect the interest of members and not to ruin the party’s fortunes.

“I did not contest against Dr Kayode Fayemi to ruin APC in Ekiti. I contested that election, so that every member, no matter how lowly rated could have the audacity to rise up and seek elective positions in the party without hindrance .

“I believe that every human being should be allowed to exhibit his freedom within the confines of the laws without his hands being fettered by power brokers.

Whatever power we have was derived from the constitution but abridgement of the people’s rights should neither be tolerated nor condoned.

“But whatever happens then had been settled amicably. Dr Fayemi and I are now best of friends and that we shall maintain and sustain in the interest of APC.

“The coming election is a must-win battle for all of us but we actually knew that the game of politics is a popularity contest. We must field someone that commands respect and the confidence of Ekiti people and I know I stand a good chance in this regard”, he said.

He promised to invest heavily in youth and women empowerment if given the opportunity to serve, describing these strata as the pivots on which any society rotates.

Bamidele also promised to reignite the Awolowo’s magic wand via free education, robust scholarship scheme up to PhD level, resuscitation of the moribund industries like Ikun Dairy Farm, ROMACO , Ire Burnt Brick, among others .

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