This Man Has His Penis Stuck In His Throat While Performing Blow Job On Himself 
A man was operated upon to remove his penis from his mouth after a blow job he performed on himself turned sour.
The man, a yoga teacher, did a blow job on himself but his penis got stucked in his throat leading to a surgery to remove it.
Doctors stated that the man would have suffered brain damage if the surgery had not been carried out.
Marvin Lewinski, the California yoga teacher was rushed into the Malibu Urgent Care Center after doctors had to surgically remove his own penis from his throat.
He was practicing a Tibetan form of Tantric yoga at the time of the incident, but fortunately managed to contact 9-1-1 before eventually losing consciousness moments later.
Lewinski, a Malibu yoga instructor who specializes in teaching Karmamudrā, a Vajrayana Buddhist technique of sexual practice with a physical or visualized consort, said he should have been more prudent in his practice.
“Had I used lubricant, none of this would’ve happened. It usually doesn’t get stuck in the back of my throat like this,” he told reporters.
Dr. Peter Irving at the Malibu Urgent Care Center said that his patient would have suffered brain damage or organ failure if the procedure hadn’t been carried out in time.
Lewinski admits that even though he has 12 years of experience as a teacher of Karmamudrā techniques, he should have never attempted the risky maneuvers by himself.
“These are extremely advanced techniques of Tantrism and should not be practiced alone at any time. Always have a friend nearby,” he warns.
Although Tantric sex is usually practiced with a partner, Lewinski claims his superior techniques involve “highly evolved spiritual beings” with whom “sex becomes an expression of divine union” and a “conduit for consciousness.”
Marvin Lewinski, who currently has no medical insurance, is set to launch a GoFundMe campaign this week where he will offer free online yoga classes to help him reimburse his medical fees that amount up to $236,000.
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