Despite Being Busy, I’ve Time For Sex ‘Cause It’s Basic Ingredient Of Marriage – Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka, Owuro Lawa Presenter

She became popular with her role as Asake in Tunde Kelani’s highly successful movie, Oleku. Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka is now household name in the entertainment industry with her multiple roles as a presenter, an MC and an actress.

In this interview with‘s EJIRO ZAINAB OWHOKA, she speaks on how she has been coping in her multiple roles as well as her role as a mother.


Mrs. Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka
Mrs. Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka

Why have you been scarce in movies nowadays?

I have other things doing. I’m a presenter on many television stations. Then, of course, I’m a mother and I have to take care of the home front. Whatever I do, my home must not suffer. So I have been very busy doing other things which have restricted my appearance in movies.

Have you always wanted to be in entertainment industry?

Yes, it has always been my dream.
What was your parents’ reaction when you started appearing in movies?

They didn’t like it especially my mum. My mum didn’t like it at all. But when she got what she wanted from me, that is, I had to go back to school; graduate; that was when she felt I had made her proud.
Apart from this, people have this belief that anyone in the theatre world would be unserious, wayward and stuff like that. I promised her I was going to school; I went to school and graduated; then I had the chance to do whatever I want to do.

How do you cope with being a house wife, a presenter, a master of ceremony and an actress?

I plan myself, I plan my time, aside planning I have a good husband and very supportive colleagues. I get support from everyone around me and overall I thank God for His strength and support for my cause.

Is your husband not complaining?

Not at all.

Who really is Feyikemi Niyi- Olayinka?

Feyikemi Niyi olayinka is a woman, she’s a faithful person, God fearing, hardworking, humble. However, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she hates being cheated, she doesn’t like to be taken for granted despite the fact that she tries to support or help or assist anybody that comes to her for help. That is Feyikemi.

On a normal day, what are your routine?

Everyday is normal, wake up 4:30am do my morning devotion till 5am. I start preparing myself. I leave my home at 5:30am to 6am, because I have to be in the studio latest by 6:30am to prepare for a programme, that starts 7am, because the programme is a breakfast show I have to be here early to make up, get script, get the programme schedule for the day, call the guest, remind them that we are expecting them. My mornings are very very busy.

Most of my morning are busy. After the programme, I attend to visitors, attend to guests, if I have another things doing outside, I go for voice over, sometimes for acting, sometimes for business meetings. Then in the afternoon or evening, I go home to wait for the kids. They come with the school bus, I have to be home to prepare lunch or sometimes dinner. If I am going to be out for a very long time. I make preparation for what they will eat in the afternoon. Evenings I stay at home with the kids and their dad.

Being a busy person, do you really have time for sex?

Of course, it’s one of the basics of a marriage.

Despite your hyper-activities you are on the big side, is your size hereditary?

It is. My mum is big, my aunt is big, my grandma is big. It runs in the family.

You became popular due to your role in “O le ku’’ how did you get the role?

That’s a long story. I was working with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) as a duty continuity announcer, a presenter of programmes and newscaster on radio and television. When Uncle Tunde Kelani (T.K) saw me on television as a duty continuity announcer, I think they had auditioned for different roles in Oleku and the only role left was the role of Asake.

He said when he saw me, he was like o, this person the with way she was speaking Yoruba and the way she looked that she (I) had the picture of the Asake he has in mind. He called somebody that is late Dr. Larinde Akinleye, who happened to be a lecturer at the University of Ibadan (U I) and I was in U I then who contacted me. When I went for audition, I too had to go for audition and after the whole thing, he said okay, you should have it. That was how I got the role.

Apart from Oleku , what other movies have you done?

I have done quite a few: Asanlaye yi je, Epe, Deaconness Deborah among others. I have done so many that I can’t remember all of them.

If you are giving opportunity to change anything about yourself, what would that be?

If I had the opportunity I don’t think, I would change anything because I love the way I am.

To people who are just coming up what do you have to say to them?

To people who are just coming up, I would tell them Rome was not built in a day. They have to be dedicated to whatever they want to do, they need to be focused. If I had panicked because people had this stigmatised notion about actresses I wouldn’t be where I am today. But I loved it right from when I was small, I have always wanted to be on television. I want to do that and God helped me. I can’t say I did it on my own, no I believe I have assistance from God and because I was focused on what I was doing, I became whatever I am today. I was dedicated, I was focused and I believe in God.

Mrs. Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka
Mrs. Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka


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