Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Ronaldo’s freekick speed is around130 kilometres an hour, which means 31.1 metres per second more than four times of Apollo 11 rocket’s launching speed which was 7.3 metres per second.

2. Ronaldo is slim but do you know his body has only 10% fat?? Normal catwalk models have 13.8% fat.

3. Ronaldo lifts around 23,055 kg of weight during a training season which is total of 16 Toyota Prius cars.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo runs average of 10.5 kilometres in a match.

5. As he runs 10.5 kilometres in amatch, he used to have around 936 twists which a Formula one car takes during Monaco Grand Prix.

6. According to Castrol’s analysis when Cristiano Ronaldo jumps he generates five ­ times more power than a Cheetah jumping in a full flight..!!

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