Real President’s Two Main Targets: Neymar, Gareth Bale

Real Madrid’s President Florentino Pérez dreams of signing Neymar, wants Gareth Bale, is not ruling out Lewandowski, and will push to sign Isco if Luka Modric goes.

Real is already focused on its next project. Something that has been work in progress for a couple of months now, ever since Mourinho informed the president of his intention to leave the club and head for Chelsea. Florentino Pérez will be throwing himself into his election campaign, but the workings of the club will go on formulating the design of the squad.

Bringing a new manager on board is the number one priority, but, logically, Carlo Ancelotti, the top candidate for the job, along with club management, will already have made an assessment of the current situation at the Bernabéu, and both parties will have drawn up a plan for the future.

It is public knowledge that Florentino Pérez has two main targets in his sights for his new project: Brazilian player Neymar and Welshman, Gareth Bale. The first deal looks likely to be difficult as the Brazilian, who signed a private commitment to and underwent a medical examination for Real Madrid in 2011, looks set to join Barcelona’s ranks.

Real Madrid has already put the wheels in motion for Gareth Bale. The deal is a tricky one, however, as negotiating with the president of Tottenham is agonizing. A price has already been mentioned and it is thought that the White Hart Lane club may be more flexible after not having classified for the Champions League.

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