Ojudu’s Free Health Mission Compounds PDP’s Woes

The free health mission sponsored by Senator Babafemi Ojudu has further depleted the shrinking outlook of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State.

This time, it is the brother-in-law of Senator Femi Kila, Mr. Gbenga Dada Giwa, whose father is also a PDP chieftain In Efon-Alaaye, who ditched the party.

In a chat with newsmen, Giwa explained that his father who had earlier come for treatment at the Efon venue of the free health mission, brought the good news home.

Out of curiosity, he decided to verify his father’s claims, wondering how his father, a known PDP chieftain in the Local Government, could have been attended to in a programme organized by a lawmaker on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

According to him, such couldn’t have happened under the PDP regime.

Giwa, who also brought his little girl for treatment, said he was shocked by the kindness meted out to him by the doctors and the ACN people on ground at the venue despite his known  PDP affiliation.

“Though the achievements of the Fayemi administartion in all the sectors are visible for all to see, I still find it difficult to believe that opposition members could be allowed to benefit from this health mission. By this, the Fayemi administration has demonstrated its rise above the usual pettiness associated with Nigerian politics. I just want to urge them to continue this way. This is far better than throwing money around, which my party is known for.

Programmes like this touch the lives of those who cannot go to beg for money at the homes of politicians,”he said.

He described the throwing around of money by politicians as barbaric, debasing and non-conforming with good governance as practiced in the west.
He added that with what he saw at the venue of the free health mission, he would destroy his PDP membership card and cross over to the ACN.

“There is nothing like ACN or PDP members here today. My father is a PDP chieftain. He has come here and he has been treated. Mind you, my elder sister is married to former Senator Femi Kila. He never did something like this. Even my father confirmed the good works of the Fayemi administration, though he said he cannot say it in the open being a PDP chieftain. As for me, I am through with the PDP,”he said.

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