Saraki Seeks Blueprint For Viable Environment For Food Production

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has called on all government agencies to brainstorm and come up with a blueprint which will ensure that the environment in the country can be put in a position where it can become a viable vehicle for food production and ensure self sufficiency for the people.

Senator Saraki gave this advice in statement to commemorate the World Environment Day as declared by the United Nations.

According to him the demand for food production has continued to increase globally and the Nigerian situation is also becoming a source of concern with its fast growing population which has also led to constant increase in demand for food production.

The former Governor of Kwara State stated further that with the increasing demand pressure on food supply by a rapidly increasing population, productivity and output may be affected by food shortages hence the need to put in place a programme that will ensure constant food production to match the increasing population.

“I must use this opportunity to recognise the Minister of Environment and the ongoing policy action on the part of the Ministry of Environment to put in place flood early warning systems across the country; the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture to improve on our country’s ability to feed itself; a lot more still needs to be done and fast to address the current stress our environment is undergoing otherwise all the efforts will be in vain,” the former Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) said.

He assured that members of his committee in particular and the Senate as a whole will continue to collaborate with the relevant agencies to promote more environmental friendly practices to maintain and increase food production in the country even “as the nations of the world struggle to reverse the present trend of climate change”.

According to him, as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, he has taken pains to take the battle to save the environment headlong through legislative interventions and advocacy which include intiating bills to tackle oil spills, desertification and erosion as well as visiting environmental disaster areas for on the spot assessment with a view to making recommendations and suggestions for the federal government to provide succour for the people of the affected areas.

“Thus, we have gone to the field to ensure that those who spilled oil on our environment clean up and we have also ensure the Federal Government assisted Zamfara State to clean up and remediate Bagega, a lead poison affected area in the state while we are working with the Ministry of Environment to introduce and promote clean cook stove as alternative to felling trees which will equally reduce deforestation which is assuming an alarming rate in the country,” Senator Saraki said

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