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I Was In Kenya, A Fan Whispered To Me Saying, Tonight I’m Going To —- Sound City’s Adam

Adam Ibrahim is a native of Ibefun in Ogun State. The last born in a family of five, the Sound City VJ in this exclusive interview with‘s ZAINAB EJIRO OWHOKA, speaks on his career and relationship with singer Chidinma. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Apart from the tv personality, who really is Adam?

I don’t know who I am but I sure know who I want to be. Adam want to be a media mogul, he wants to be a role model, to quite a number of people. He intends to be a father at some points. He is just another guy who takes his job seriously.

adam 2How long have you been with Sound City?

The brand is consolidated with associates I joined in February 2010 at that time I was a presenter with Spice TV. I represented Village Square at some points but move to Sound City full time in 2012.

Apart from being a Sound City VJ, you also have a company (SMADA ENT) how do you manage things on both ends?

It is not a rivalry thing. We are not doing the same things. SMADA ENT handles my personal stuffs life my Reality TV series, “Adams After Hour”. It also handles Bachelor’s Night that I do with my partner. Smada is like my management company for me only for now.

What is the idea behind your Reality TV show, “Adams After Hours”?

There was a demand for people to see me way beyond the red carpet and the other shows that you see me. They wanted to see behind the scenes. That was what brought about the birth of ‘Adams After Hour’. It is currently on YouTube with a debut on TV really soon. I am still working on it though.

When you released your song “Winner”, what was the response like?

It was incredible, I put up the art work for Winner about 12noon on 4th May, which was 24hours to my birthday and already it started trending 20minutes after I put up the art work. That gave me a sense of direction that people were expecting it and shout out to Ice Prince, Sound Sultan, Splash and Pheel, the artists that were on it. They are excited as well about it and when the song finally dropped about 7pm on  5th May we started trending again on Twitter in about 10-15minutes. Ever since lot of people picked it up, DJs across Africa. I never sent the CD to anyone, so anytime you hear it on radio they picked it up.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey through Sound City has been incredibly fantastic. It has been amazing. It has been good and I’m looking forward to bigger things happening because to me the best is yet to come.

Please shed more light on why you ended your relationship with the “kedi ke” singer, Chidinma?

There was never a relationship in the first place. Chidinma is my friend. We never dated but when the news debuted on the internet that we were dating, she called me and we were just laughing on the phone. There is no shame about dating her, if we dated and it did not work out I would tell you it didn’t go well for whatever reasons and we have all moved on and we are happy. What do you think…..? on my show “top 10 Nigeria” that I co-present with Pearl and Chidinma is on the number two spot right now. How am I supposed to introduce it if we are not happy? We are cool.

Any plans to go into the music industry fully anytime soon?

The thing is I would remain a VJ (video jockey), that is my designation but I am going to have a 12 track album which is going to be the VJ album. I’m going to be the first VJ in Africa to have an album and what I am going to do on the album is, I am going to have up coming artists on the songs with the made artist; like my single “Winner” where we had artists like: Ice Prince and Sound Sultan who are some of the biggest artists in their fields; Pheel who is a singer on X-Factor and is fast rising and Splash, another fast rising artist. We put them on the same song with the super stars, that is what I intend to achieve with this album. I’m going to give up coming artists an opportunity to be on the album. I’m not going to sing as a singer or be an artist fully. Maybe I will do a track just for the fun of it.

What is the worst thing a fan has done to you?

Fan could be crazy but we love the excitement that is part of the reason we stick to the job. I was in Kenya and a female fan whispered in my ears that “tonight I am going to hmmmm you” I was like “what” I was shocked. That is about the worst I have gotten from a fan, there was a time a fan was almost going to kiss me but the security guys did not allow it, that was the closest to something worst that I have gotten from a fan.

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