Irate Job Seekers Protest Non-availability Of Recruitment Forms

Vehicular movement along Mabushi expressway was brought to a halt yesterday for over an hour as job seekers staged a peaceful protest for negligence and non-availability of employment forms in the ongoing Federal Civil Service recruitment exercise.

The protesters blocked the road with planks and stones, preventing motorists from passing the busy expressway.

The gridlock created by the protester attracted the attention of men of the Nigerian police who arrived in their patrol van to reopen the road.

Assistant commissioner of police Sunday Odukoya, tried to calm the protesters and promised to accompany them to the National Assembly where they could make their grievances known.

One of the protesters, Ibrahim Ayaba, told LEADERSHIP that he had been coming to the Federal Civil Service Club where the application forms are obtained and submitted since last Wednesday, yet he was yet to get the form.

He said: “We have been coming since Wednesday to pick the form, all to no avail. If there is no vacancy they should tell us so that we will not be coming here to waste our time and money. We don’t understand the essence of government advertising job vacancies, telling us to go come and pick forms and there will be no forms.

“We are protesting so that whoever that is in charge of this recruitment will make the forms available to us. The recruitment exercise is supposed to end on September 16 but since last week the people that are giving the forms have not been coming.”

Another applicant who sought anonymity said that she had come to the venue as early as 6:30am yesterday but nobody came to attend to them.

“The publication said we should come and pick forms, fill and submit. And this is the place where they said we should come and pick the forms, only for us to arrive here as early as 6:30 and there was no body to attend to us. We stayed till 12pm and there was nobody to attend to us, so at 1pm we decided to stage a peaceful protest.”

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