Lagos Taskforce Impounds Police Bullion Van

Officials of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit have impounded a police bullion van, loaded with money, for driving against the flow of traffic on Agidingbi Road, Ikeja in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

The bullion van with registration number PF 4582 SPY was impounded around 12.00 noon on Tuesday, according to Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman, also a Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP.

The bullion van and the driver were taken to the taskforce office in Alausa, while the driver would be arraigned in court for violating the Lagos Road Traffic Law 2012.

Under the law, the bullion van will be forfeited to the government while the driver will be made to pay N20,000 fine being a first time offender.

Sulaiman said the the police officer escorting the bullion van was also arrested, adding that the taskforce was on a routine patrol of Agidingbi and other areas in Ikeja.

“While coming through ACME at about 12noon, we saw the driver, driving the bullion van against the traffic. He had no reason to have done that because the road was free. So, we tried to stop him but he sped away. We chased him for several minutes, and succeeded in blocking his course.

“He attempted to hit me and some of my men but we were at last able to arrest him and the police escort, while we seized the bullion van with the cash and moved it to our premises in Alausa,” he explained.

According to him, the driver, who was moving cash from an undisclosed bank at the time of his arrest had been charged to court while the officer had been handed over to police authorities for disciplinary actions.

Sulaiman lamented that several bullion vans had been violating traffic laws with impunity, saying that government would ensure that they go after such and punish them according to the law.

“The fact that police are involved in the movement of cash did not exempt them from the law. Erring drivers would be made to face the wrath of the law. Security personnel, especially those escorting bullion vans must not disregard the state`s Traffic. The law is no respecter of anybody

“Police officers are not above the law. Remember what happened recently, the case of a police vehicle which drove against the traffic to injure and kill somebody; the law took its course,” he stated.

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