Man attempts suicide after girlfriend rejection

A young man on Tuesday attempted to commit suicide in Kano after a lady he was said to be admiring rejected his advances in favour of his elder brother.

Mudan Soja, who is said to be in his twenties, was reportedly angered by her action, following which he tried to end his life by ingesting insecticide.

His relations told Sunday Trust that he had to be rushed to the hospital, where he was treated.

It was further gathered that Mudan Soja fell in love with the divorcee, not knowing that his brother was already seeing her.

“Mudan doesn’t know that his brother was also in a relationship with the girl, until last Monday when some people saw them together and told him,” his friend who does not want to named, said.

“He therefore confronted the girl to enquire about what he heard, but unfortunately for him the girl told him to leave her alone as she has already chosen his brother over him. Feeling bitter about it, he sent for insecticide on Tuesday morning which he took. But he was rushed to the hospital by his brothers and was lucky to survive the poison,” he said.

One of the Mudan’s brothers, Abdulmajid, corroborated the account, adding that he had vowed to kill himself since the night he was turn away by the lady, claiming that it will be easier for him to die than to live without her.

“He asked us to forgive him in the morning and also requested us to seek his friends’ forgiveness. Unknown to us, he was attempting to kill himself. Immediately the boy he sent for the insecticide brought it, he consumed it and slumped. But he was lucky as there were people that saw him and they came over quickly and carried him to the hospital where he was treated,” he said.

However, the divorcee at the centre of the drama said even with the incident, her choice remained Mudan’s elder brother, who she said was her first love even before she got married.

“I was told that he took insecticide to kill himself because I rejected him. Even though I pity him, there is nothing I can do as I am still in love with his elder brother,” she said.

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