She Attempted To Stab Me In My Boss’ Presence – Driver Alleges, As Court Dissolves Union With Nurse

By Zainab Ejiro Owhoka

A 47 year old driver, Adebayo John Kayode, has asked the Alagbado Grade A Customary Court to dissolve his union to Grace Adebayo.

The petitioner said that he and his wife started living together in 1997 but he did not pay any dowry on her.

He said that his wife is constantly fighting him alleging that she once beat up their landlord’s wife and “even had the gut to slap me”.

Adebayo stated further that he went to rent another apartment at Abule-Egba, but she would still come there to fight him. He claimed that she does not respect his family and any time his mother visits Lagos, his wife would starve her.

He lamented that he lost his job because of her bad behaviour as she tried to stab him in his boss’ presence. He said that he resumes at his boss’ house every morning and she traced him there with a knife but he was rescued by people around.

He claimed that his wife is diabolical, that she took three towels from his house and since that day, he has been experiencing severe itching all over his body. He wants the court to dissolve the union as he does not love her anymore.

The respondent, Grace Adebayo, a 45 year old nurse said that the reason they are always fighting was because she did not allow him to make love to her whenever she comes home tired from work.

She also said that his dating the landlord’s daughter also causes problems in the house.

She said that she is quite fond of his sister but his mother is always taking his side even when he is at fault.

She confirmed that she actually followed him to his boss’ house but only to report him to his boss that he has another wife but he was not sacked as he is claiming.

She also agreed that she took three towels from his house but not for any diabolical purpose but because he refused to buy towels for her and the children.

However in spite of all these, Grace said she does not want the court to dissolve the union for the sake of her children.

The court however dissolved the marriage on Monday, 2nd September 2013. The petitioner was asked to be responsible for the
upkeep and welfare of the children. The union produced four children.

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