Show Of Shame: Actress, Hubby Wash Dirty Linen Of Their Drinking Habit In Public

By Zainab Ejiro Owhoka

There was a mild drama at Agege Customary Court recently when a 29-year old actress, Mrs. Enitan Ogunkeye who filled a divorce suit against her 43-year old civil servant husband, Mr. Adekunle Ogunkeye of dubious character, constant beating and drunkenness, traded public accusation with him over their drinking habit.

In the court premises and in the full glare of people, both exchanged angry words over their drinking habit.

“My husband drinks a lot and anytime he drinks, he always misbehaves and he has lost respect and has shrunk physically due to his drinking habit. He has been disgraced many times in the public because of his drinking habit.

“He always takes money from me to drink alcohol,” she narrated.

Enitan therefore told the court that she can no longer live with her husband.

Reacting to the petitioner’s claim, Adekunle responded that: “I agreed with her that I am a drunkard but what I believe is that pot cannot call kettle black because we are both drunkards and both of us drink together”.

He told the court that the N500,000  he collected from his wife was spent on the their son’s birthday. His wife told him that an artist would be around but unfortunately nobody came and all the things she bought wasted.

“My wife is a drunkard too and whenever we are at home at the weekend before breakfast she takes three bottles at times.

“My wife is a wasteful spender. As an actress, she sees herself as a celebrity despite the fact that she is not well known in the movie industry”.

Meanwhile, the court president ordered both parties to live in peace and adjourned the case to September 17 2013.

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