Opinion: The Cabal Come!!! By Peregrino Brimah

Hear the cabal roar!

Their jaws hang open, seeking more blood, more wealth.

Their greed knows no bounds.

See their fangs.

Canines’ dagger teeth ready to tear into every resource.

Their desire has no limits.

Do you hear their claws scratching?

Millionaire, Billionaire, world’s richest men.

They want it. They have tasted it and they want more. The first day they smelled blood on the bayonet, they got addicted to the rush. Money from the people – dopamine for the brain.

They want all!

They are coming for us. Again and again they come. A black shaded colonization.

For our sisters and for our brothers.

Again and again they scrape out our pockets.

A few of us peasants they hire. Slaves to run their mills, toil, toil, plant the rice, plough the limestone, make the mortar, make them richer.

They suck our blood. Money! Money! They feast on our flesh.

The cabal want it all. They can’t sleep. Money! They need it all. They won’t stop.

Never before have they been so wild!

I have never heard them so loud.

Shhh. Listen. Can you hear them rumble?

That’s not a diesel generator. That is them, the cabal. Can you smell them? Their fumes, toxic, permeating the night, killing us in our sleep. They need our blood. Buy more diesel. Die! Choke on it.

Poison in the ground, get sick on it. Die from it. The cabal, they eat rapaciously. Spilling toxicity everywhere they ransack. Toxic oil spills. Lead poisoning. Death in their path.

Blood, pain, poverty, sickness, disease and war pullulate from their seeds.

A spot of charity here and a spot of charity there, keeps us beggars at bay.

Pitting us bloodily against each other distracts us from their ingression.

These are centuries old tricks.

They need the blood sacrifice, with their claws they burst the tires on the road, every accident feeds them more blood. They are the keepers of the bad roads.

They killed mom, they killed dad. They killed son, they killed daughter.

People die around them. Don’t you see? They don’t see. They don’t care. “Infrastructure is a bigger problem than terror” they say. They don’t care about life. Money is their life’s blood.

They are monsters.

They don’t sleep. While you try to sleep, they sit together, jaws dripping blood, plotting, planning how to get more money!

Money!!! The cabal want it all. The wealth of the nation, the wealth of the masses. Millionaire, billionaire, world’s richest men.

The cabal want the throne.

All you have they want. They control all markets. The handful of them. But it is not enough. They want to squeeze you, every penny they want. They can’t help it. It is in their nature. Vampires, Jackals; controlled by the symbols.

What’s that clanking? You have some pennies left? Donate it to them at the pulpit. Give them wings to fly, you must. They can’t be delayed.

They plunder your wealth from below the earth. They take it all. They plunder your wealth from above the ground.  From every structure you erect, they plunder.

Their hands in your pockets. Their nostrils by your neck. The cabal have come. And their greed is insatiable.

Tchh! Weakling, you can’t stop them.

But you can know them.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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