Features: Pentecostal Pastors As Scam Artists

Currently, there is a disturbing practice in the Church where leadership as embodied in the pastor is considered inerrant and therefore above scrutiny. Since the pastor is the servant and mouthpiece of God, it is usually reasoned that anything he says or does carries divine approval that cannot be questioned. And the Scripture most often cited to buttress this bizarre logic is 1 Chronicles 16:22, Saying: “touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”

Hiding behind this false facade, pastors are engaging in all manner of iniquitous impunity ranging from financial recklessness to sexual anathemas. Because people generally equate exposing a pastor’s sins to judging the pastor, they mostly look the other way: they believe that responsibility is exclusively God’s. The consequence of the people’s inaction is that this impunity worsens.

The case of the killing of a pastor inside church over his alleged affairs with his parishioner seems to be getting more attention and pity probably because it happened in a church.

According to Akusobi Daniel, in a conversation I fortuitously dabbled into: “it is time to discuss some of these issues more openly especially the predatory activities of our so called “men of God” into our families.

These men take advantage of people’s adamant ignorance about god and wanting signs and miracles, to mess with women, especially the married ones. One pastor I know once told me his target is to get more women members than men because the women are easily more convertible and more loyal.”

This subject is one area that defines the hopelessness, the decadence, the utter stupidity and seemingly irredeemable immorality of our society!

A very recent case involved a pastor and a family in his church. The pastor told a married woman that God had revealed to him that her husband is not hers in real life as such she has to find a way to leave her husband so she can live and get all the blessings god has kept for her. This woman’s husband has a good job and busy too. This woman has married same husband that suddenly became a ghost husband for 24 years and even have a 22 year old son.

The woman capitalized on all the promises her pastor made to her and started being troublesome, seeking to have her marriage ended. They have two grown up children.

When her husband could not take her headache anymore, he moved out of the matrimonial home to another nearby state.
No one knew that the pastor has been messing around with this woman and planned to push the woman to divorce her husband.

He took total control immediately the man left.

However, when her relationship with the pastor turned sour because she discovered that the pastor was also secretly doing the same thing with some other women in the same church, she got heart broken and then realized that her life did not get better after her husband left.

All the heaven and earth the pastor promised she will inherit never came to pass two years after.

She went back to her husband and begged for forgiveness. She also told her husband all that the pastor told her that caused her unruly behaviours towards her husband.

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