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Great Sex Controversy: Clothes On Or Clothes Off? By Funmi Akingbade

A couple travelled all the way from Abuja to visit me in my Lagos office just to have my opinion over an argument between them. Each partner felt his or her point of view was the best and when it was obvious they ware no longer on talking terms as a result of this  long heated dispute, they put a call to me and told me to expect visitors very soon.

To be candid, I was also anxious to know the reason of their visit but at the end of the counselling session, the answer I gave them was simple, ‘Both of you are right; all that is needed here is a fair balance of view.’ I am sure you would love to know the bone of contention between them that was so important to warrant their flight all the way from Abuja to Lagos. Well, I was as amazed as you are and this just points to one thing, a good satisfying healthy sex is not only important; it is very central to a marriage union. It is in reality the icing on the cake of the bond.

The controversy is, should couples put on clothes during sex or should they be naked? The question here actually should not be a reason for contention because whichever way a couple chooses; both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

But before we look into these advantages and disadvantages, please bear in mind that our culture, custom, tradition, influences, temperamental differences, individual belief system and  level of exposure, education and information have greatly affected our view of sex, sexuality and love making. So, no singular view is absolutely the right one but getting the best out of such situations is best for the couple’s sex bed.

‘No clothe on’ provides easy access to all the parts of the body of your lover which many partners would love to have. When couples are naked, the advantage is that they have a first hand, flesh to flesh access to each other’s body parts. And amazingly, our visible sex organs are actually the main issue of sexuality. You can  feel and touch such organs and sexually devour them to your satisfaction.

With this type of sex, you can discover some peculiar features, such as special birth-marks, uneven scrotum, breast, nipple shape, look, size and colouration which no other can have easy access to.  You also have the special right to pay attention to how the naked body of your spouse responds to your different touches.

For instance, with clothes off, the wife can watch how the skin of the scrotum of her husband coils in and out in response to her caressing which may not be visible with the clothes on. Or how the arteries of the erected penis slowly move round the penis to supply the necessary blood while the wife is kissing, cuddling, stroking, caressing the penis or while she is giving it a subtle blow-job.  Clothes off type of sex provides room for the one of the desired sexual encounters which is a slow start type.

Here, the kisses are deeper, bodies have been greatly massaged due to tantalizing caressing, mind becomes more focused and hands are non-stop roaming to a progressive climaxing. The peak of this is not only that you both are bound to feel a wonderful sensation all over your bodies, you are more likely to feel a variety of sensational thrills you alone can explain. And above all, the thrusting and pressure is unobstructed, skin to skin while the penis travels far……..

Having sex with your clothes on is equally beautiful; it’s a variety. Sex with clothes on makes couples feel much naughtier than doing it totally naked. It first gives the whole encounter a more spontaneous, more forbidden, more erotic vibe. You can imagine the bra is not off from your wife’s breast and the nipples peeking out from the bra starring at you and begging to be kissed, touch and sucked  [even with a sagged breast, the moment it is well-packaged, the nipples can do wonders].

How about the idea of your wife sitting recklessly opposite you with the intention of flashing her inner thigh on and off against a well fitted skirt? Of course, the thigh will appear more desirable when it is partly hidden. Certain clothes have over the years been associated with certain activities. For instance, sex with your wife while still on her office suit can also be trilling as much as with sexy lingerie.  To be continued next week, have a sex-filled week.

Culled from Saturday PUNCH

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