The Year 2014 ‘ll Define Nigeria’s Destiny, Says Pastor Adeboye

General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye says God told him that the destiny of Nigeria will be determined this year and not 2015 against the expectations of many.

Also, the General Overseer Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, Dr. Daniel Olukoya prophesied that 2014 shall be a year of total freedom for Nigeria, while the General Superintendent, Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi said righteousness is need for the nation to move forward this year.

Reeling out prophesies for the nation at the Crossover Service at the Redemption Camp, Km 45, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State, Western Nigeria on Wednesday, Adeboye emphasized that God told him that Nigeria’s future would be determined this year.

“The future of Nigeria will be determined this year 2014 and not 2015. 2015 will be mere formality,” he stated.

Adeboye further said God told him that the “equation at the beginning of 2014 will be different from the equation at the end of 2014, therefore, don’t jump to conclusion,” adding that he would not make open the other prophesies about Nigeria which God revealed to him.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye


At the international scene, the RCCG General Overseer prophesied that there would be major breakthrough in medicine and science this year, adding that “God wants us to pray against noisy and highly destructive storms.

“Last year, He told us that the weather condition will be terrible before getting better. We also need to pray against monumental fire outbreak.”

In his prophesies, Dr. Olukoya said 2014 shall be a year of total freedom for Nigeria as every mad power rising against the righteous shall become powerless.

“2014 is a year of great revival, a year of many questions, few answers. Strong prayers are needed to dislodge strange powers. There shall be deliverance from great afflictions and bondages. There will be monumental encounter/failure for those who trust fetish powers. Angels will allow them to do jazz but they won’t succeed. They will have a bad year.

“There will be uncommon salvation from sin as well as personal, institutional, national salvation. There will be harvest of new born babies. Many expectant mothers will give birth. God would answer them. There will be wonders and mysteries. There will be escalation of many conflicts and scaring wars. Strong prayers are needed to prevent companies from going bankrupt. Prayers are needed to arrest earthquake and famines,” he prophesied.

“2014 shall be a tough year for many political leaders not standing straight. Traders shall be chased out of the temple of God. There shall be deliverance from violent storms. 2013 shall be the end of year for bondage, suffering, weeping etc while 2014 is a year of total freedom,” he added.

Worshippers pray into the New Year lying down during the crossover watch night church service at the Redemption Camp on Lagos Ibadan highway on Janauary 1, 2014.

Worshippers pray into the New Year lying down during the crossover watch night church service at the Redemption Camp on Lagos Ibadan highway on Janauary 1, 2014.


In his sermon at the International Bible Training Centre, Ayobo, Ipaja area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Kumuyi called for righteousness and holiness as God would not bless a nation living in bitterness and hatred.

Speaking on the topic: The Key that Closes and Opens Significant Doors, Kumuyi said forgiveness, faith, righteousness and holiness were the keys needed to open the door of breakthrough for the nation, stressing that bitterness, hatred, envy, jealousy and sins would permanently shut the door of blessings against the nation.

“Love is the key that opens the door; evil, dishonesty, lust, internal fornication, adultery will shut the door of blessings. Fasting is good, but fasting without forgiveness will shut the door of blessing. We should resolve that 2014 will be a year of righteousness and transparent life.

“Holiness is awesome and sanctification is powerful, a little wrath in your heart will lock the door, bitterness and revenge will close the door. This is not the year to dress like the people of Sodom and put on the attachment of the Egyptians. We need to shun worldly attachment,” he stated.

In his message to the nation, the Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Uche called on the Federal Government to initiate policies and programmes that would bring smiles to the faces of Nigerians and help everyone forget the traumatic experiences of the year 2013.

In his New Year message made available by the Church’s Media and Public Relations Officer, Reverend Oladapo Daramola, the Prelate said “Nigerians need succour, relieve and renewed hope and that the only way for this to become a reality is for the government to meet the aspirations and yearnings of the people through economic policies that have human face which will yield immediate dividends.”

“Year 2013 was no doubt a challenging year for the people of this country. For the government, it was a year efforts were put in many sectors of the economy but in terms of actual results, albeit the power sector, the industrial sector, employment creation, health care and roads construction (and reconstruction in some cases), little have been achieved so far. For many Nigerians, it was a year of dashed hopes and unmet expectations.

“It was equally a year in which terrorism and acts of kidnapping grew in leaps and bounds unabated despite enormous resources (human and capital) deployed to combat these scourges. These have obviously created so much insecurity and anger in the country (especially amongst the youths) and it is most disheartening, that every time mayhem is unleashed on innocent citizens of this country like the one being witnessed, especially in the Northern part of this country, the sponsors and perpetrators are never found while nobody is made a scapegoat which is the major reason why these acts of terrorism persists.

“And until those behind these satanic acts are unmasked and brought to justice, our road to a genuinely peaceful and civil society where freedom of assembly, association, worship and movement granted to every citizen of this country by our constitution may just be a dream after all. It should be said however, that if the government ceases to act on behalf of these innocent people, God will rise in rage and get justice on their behalf. His anger and wrath will be unleashed upon those blood-thirsty creatures behind this evil madness,” he stated.

According to him, “our quest for social justice, fairness, equality, respect for human rights, freedom, tolerance and peace seem to be a mirage. There is palpable anger in the land and something needs to be done urgently. That it is why it has become imperative for the Federal Government and other tiers of government to rise up to the occasion and stem the tide of suffering sweeping through nearly every part of our country. The masses are ‘bleeding’ and there is an urgent need for a solution. All hands must be on deck to stop the bleeding or else we risk an undesired consequence.”

The cleric warned that those who refused to turn away from corruption and bent on turning Nigeria into a failed state would be openly embarrassed, stressing that the stronghold of corruption on the country must be broken at all cost for the survival of the Nigeria project.

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