Tukur Allays Fear On Defectors From PDP; Says They Will Return To Ruling Party

The embattled National Chairman Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has allayed fear over the defection of some members of the party into the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Tukur said with the measures being put in place in the PDP along with President Goodluck Jonathan, those who defected from the PDP would willingly return into the party at the nick of time.

He said the PDP has, indeed, been welcoming more members into its fold from across the federation compared to the number of those who had defected.

The PDP Chairman said going by the undercurrents within the political circles, PDP would swell with influx of new members next year, as according to him, many members from the opposition camp had already signified resolve to join the PDP.

Tukur made this known in London Wednesday in a chat with a team of Nigerian professionals based in Europe, led by Dr Edwin Olabamiro who paid him a visit.

The professionals had sought audience with the PDP National Chairman on their interest to return to Nigeria with a view to offering their expertise in diverse fields for the growth of the country.

Tukur said he was pleased with the resolve by Nigerians in the Diaspora to henceforth put Nigeria at the center of their considerations, as he expressed gladness on their desire to start looking homewards.

He told the professionals who are mostly on medical, information technology and engineering lines that the PDP has always been in pursuit of reforms to make it stronger as the ruling party. He said a stronger PDP would always produce a stronger national leadership, and hence, a more vibrant economy.

He disclosed that PDP, in the most recent time, has been undergoing a process of rejuvenation, which he noted many had interpreted as crises. According to him, the ruling party would emerge stronger, more virile and fully prepared to surpass its attainments at the end of the wrangling among members.

According to Tukur, “The PDP remains a party with the largest spread and tested strength to win elections any day any time. I thank you all for this visit, while I urge our members all in Nigeria not to be brow beaten by images of political delusion that confront them every day from different quarters.

“The PDP is at home to contain all forms of harassment by the opposition, either vaunted or intended. If it is a game of number in any election, you can always count that the PDP would have it greater.

“The good thing is that if five people move out of PDP into the other party, even by a dint of propaganda, the party takes in more than 500 at a time, as replacement. The electorate in Nigeria trust the PDP more than many people are aware.

“As the National Chairman of PDP, let me say that we may not be having it smooth in the party at the moment, The party and Mr President are not relenting on holding consultations with the aggrieved members.

“At the end of it all, PDP would be the better and more prepared to do greater exploits. Our members should, therefore, savour the period of the yuletide and not allow any issue to keep them distracted and depressed”.

Tukur who lauded the virtues of President Goodluck Jonathan and his ability to pull Nigeria together in the face of daunting security challenges confronting it called on Nigerians in the Diaspora to join Nigerians back home in supporting the President for the success of his transformation agenda.

He reminded the Professionals on the need to partake fully in the 2015 general election, urging them to always identify with the PDP and President Jonathan in their efforts to make Nigeria regain its rightful place in the comity of nations.

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