Exclusive! Dele Alampasu’s Father Spends Son’s Money On Beer, Says I Don’t Pick Local Calls Anymore

By Omo Iya Alfa

For football or sports’ reason, Golden Eaglets’ safest hands and current world best under 17 goalkeeper, Dele Alampasu, may not be able to enjoy to the fullest all the millions showered on him and his teammates who conquered the football world at Under17 level in the United Arab Emirates last year.

The young man needs to keep fit for bigger challenges ahead and he surely will be under the watchful eyes of his coaches.


However, his father, Tomi Alampasu, is really ‘Choping the life of his head’. The man in his fifties whose son has changed his fortune since his heroic performance with the Golden Eaglets has left no stone unturned in letting the world around him feel his newly acquired status.

According to the findings of our reporter who went undercover to expose Alampasu senior’s new lifestyle, the man who had lived in a two room apartment built on a half plot of land at Itoki area of Ogun state for close to two decades has since become the ‘Chairman’ at drinking joints in the area.

Dele's house.
Dele’s house.

Our investigation revealed that, the former Okada rider has obviously abandoned his old trade for a daily jolly life at the drinking bars. Tomi, who is popularly known in the area as Baba Dele has become the toast of beer sellers in the area as his visits to drinking joints beer these days mean good days for the sellers. We gathered that, friends and former foes of the former wretched man has been flocking around him and dragging him to bars on a daily basis.

Our reporter who posed as a customer at one of the bars used the opportunity to ask Baba Dele how he now lives his life since he has become more popular for the right reason, “Everything has changed for me. I don’t just talk to people anyhow now. I talk to reasonable people. This question you ask me, I don’t have to answer you. You can see for yourself. People cannot just call me for any reason now. In fact, I don’t answer local calls anymore. I only pick my calls when I see foreign numbers. Those are the calls that bring in money. My son’s agents and other influential people call me and I receive money.

inset of Dele's home

The King of Dubai, I have his number here on my phone. These are the caliber of people I now relate with”.

Asked whether he still attends to journalists who come to ask question about his son’s story. “I am not ready to talk to anybody again. Except that person is coming to discuss business about my son’s football career, I will not attend to such person,” he said while sipping in another glass of a popular beer brand.

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