Mark Condemns People Using Politics, Religion To Cause Violence In Nigeria

President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, has raised alarm over the antics of some desperate persons using politics and religion to destroy the sanctity of the  unity and peace of the Nigerian nation.

“To sponsor or promote violence , destruction and uncharitable utterances in the name of politics or religion is totally unacceptable and must be condemned in the strongest term; in words and deeds”, Senator Mark said on Sunday.

Speaking at the installation ceremony of the  metropolitan Archbishop of the Methodist Church of Nigeria,  Joseph Oche Job in Abuja, Senator Mark therefore urged Nigerians of all faiths to be committed to the work of social justice, peace and religious tolerance.

The President of the Senate cautioned those fanning the embers of war or disunity to think otherwise pointing out that “current insecurity and political confusion are avoidable distractions we certainly do not need now.”

He expressed dismay that most people tend to use politics and religion for the wrong reasons, saying “what we need now is to embark on serious political and inter-religious dialogue with the spirit of frankness, honesty, openness, acceptance and understanding in order to move forward.”

Government, Senator Mark assured, is doing every thing possible to contain the security and socio- economic challenges in the country.

Senator Mark noted that God did not make mistake in creating Nigerians as His children under one nation thus calling on all Nigerians to continue to pray for the unity and peace of the country.

He congratulated the new Archbishop on his elevation and urged the clergy to continue to pray for the nation because “With prayers and concerted efforts, the challenges we are facing can be overcome.”

In his reaction, Archbishop Oche Job expressed firm belief in the unity of Nigeria saying that irrespective of the challenges, Nigeria will not disintegrate.

He however called for fairness, equity and justice in the administration of Nigeria so that all sections of the country would have a sense of belonging.

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