Presidency Slams APC For Embarking On Anti People Campaign

The presidency has warned the All Progressive Congress, APC,  against the acts of war it  has declared on Nigerians through its anti-people directives to its members in the National Assembly who were elected and swore oaths of allegiance to perform  their constitutional duties to their constituencies across the country.

The warning came against the latest directive by APC to its members in NASS to deny the Nigerian Police force its vote in 2014 Budget to press home its demand for the removal of Mr. Joseph Mba as the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State.

In a strongly worded statement made available to the media yesterday, the Special Adviser to the President on Political Affairs, Alhaji Ahmed Ali Gulak said, “the Presidency views with seriousness this latest directive by APC to its members in NASS to continue on the path of confrontation by guerrilla tactics in its war against Nigerian people”

Alhaji Gulak said the APC directives to its members in NASS to starve government and its agencies of funds to execute their statutory and constitutionally assigned roles for the good governance are calls for anarchy to rein of the country. And give APC the opportunity to seize power through undemocratic means. This is the height of irresponsibility and affront on Nigerian people and the state.

To deny the police its votes in the Budget, is most irresponsible and arrogant display of presumed power in the National Assembly.

By now, it should be clear to Nigerians that the APC has a hidden agenda which it can achieve through frustrating through constitutional means of simulating crisis for the presidency of Dr. Jonathan, to provoke social and economic crisis in the country.

According to Gulak, “the action of APC was to threaten, to deny the National Conference of funds, to conduct its activities, the second was to ask its members to shun debate of the budget and screening of the ministerial nominees as well as service chiefs, this time they have included the Police votes, which has serious internal and physical implications even as we prepare for the National conference and the election. Very soon, the APC will go after INEC or any other  critical national institution for that matter “

Gulak said APC has declared an  all out  war a gainst the federal government and the people of Nigeria, but as the government in power, we urge all Nigerians to be vigilant and reject their  ambush  which is reserved for guerrilla situations.

He said, “their tactics so far have failed because the people of Nigeria have discovered that APC and its promoters are not interested in democratic contests but in trying to access power through the back door”’

According to the statement:”APC has no plans to transform Nigeria, because it has not organised itself as a political group, for the task of governance, it has no structures and credible manifesto and candidates to present to Nigerians, even with the release of election time tables at the States and Federal election in this year and 2015, but APC has concentrated its efforts in junketing around with threats of violence and civil anarchy.”

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