Fayemi Commits Re-election In God’s Hand

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has committed his re-election campaign into the hands of God in a thanksgiving service at St. Martins Catholic Church in his hometown, Isan-Ekiti.

He insisted that all stakeholders must ensure that the June 21 governorship election in the state is peaceful as no ambition is worth the spilling of anyone’s blood.

He explained that besides thanking God for having brought him thus far, he and his family were also in church to offer prayers for peaceful campaign and the peaceful conduct of the election.

“No ambition, including my own, is worth the spilling of blood. I urge all our people to conduct themselves peacefully. This is a contest of ideas. We are running on a record. Ekiti people can see and feel what we have done. Those who feel they have better ideas should present their ideas to the people. It is the duty of our people to decide which direction they want to take in this election. I believe the security forces will work with us. If there is any election that should serve as a model for peaceful elections, it should be this one and I pray it shall be so in Jesus name.

“In presenting our ideas to the people, we should have nothing to fear. Our people are intelligent. They are witnesses to the progress and development that Ekiti has witnessed since we have come on board. They would decide if they want to return to the era of one day, one trouble or if they’d rather continue to stay on the path of peace, progress and development. I have no doubt what decision our people would make,” Fayemi concluded.

In his sermon, the Catholic Bishop of Ekiti State and a delegate to the ongoing National Conference, Bishop Felix Ajakaiye, said there was no room for politics of rascality in Ekiti anymore.

Ajakaiye said what obtains in Ekiti now is politics of renewal, adding that politics of renewal promotes good governance.
Ajakaiye said: “In Nigeria, we kill our youth. Two Saturdays ago, we asked them to be writing exams on their laps. Is it going to be like this forever? That is why I say Ekiti State must be a role model. In a sane society, the Minister of Interior should have resigned, but instead they are using fire brigade approach. They are saying the families of those who died are entitled to three slots in the Nigeria Immigration Service.”

He corrected the notion that politics is a dirty game, saying there are only some dirty people in it.

Meanwhile, the people of Isan-Ekiti, the hometown of Governor Kayode Fayemi, under the Home Support Group, have held a solidarity rally in support of the governor.

They also donated a car to aid the campaign activities of the governor.

Addressing the throng of Isan-Ekiti people whose songs rent the air, Governor Kayode Fayemi said he was happy that he had not dragged the name of the town in the mud.

He thanked the people of the community for their love, support and prayers, stressing that the task of repositioning Ekiti State has not ended.

“I know the people of Isan will never let me down. I am their representative. On behalf of the people of Isan-Ekiti, I thank Ekiti people for being true to their name – the Land of Honour. The values that exemplify this land are the values that we will continue to promote. Those are the values we have promoted up to this point and those are the values we will continue to promote. This is not a journey that we embarked on of our volition. It is a God-ordained journey and by God all things are possible. Ekiti shall not go back to the days of political assassination. Ekiti shall go forward. Ekiti will progress. The journey to light will always overcome darkness. Ekiti shall not go back to darkness. Ekiti will forever remain in light,” the governor said.

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