2015: Buhari’s Choice Fuels Anti-Jonathan Sentiments In North

With less than two months to the general election, the campaign posters of President Goodluck Jonathan are yet to be mounted in many northern states considered crucial for his re-election victory, concerned loyalists of the president have revealed to Vanguard.

The situation is in contrast to the pre-2011 season where the promotional materials for Jonathan had sprung up in virtually all the northern states many months to the presidential race.

Unlike the situation which presided the last presidential poll, many states appear cautious in openly canvassing support for Jonathan given the preponderance of most of their leaders to throw their weight behind Buhari.

The fear in openly identifying with Jonathan, according to competent sources, stems from the fact that some radical elements, who feel disappointed by the present administration’s handling of security challenges in the North-East are on the prowl waiting to unleash violence on suspected backers of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

It was learnt that the hoisting of PDP and Jonathan’s posters was being taken with caution in some of the PDP and All Progressives Congress, APC, states in the north because of those radical elements opposed to Jonathan’s return in 2015.

A top PDP source explained to our correspondent that it was difficult to see many posters of the President even in states controlled by PDP.

A Northern  governor  confirmed to Vanguard, yesterday, that most of the people were not keen on re-electing Jonathan and had since switched on their support to Buhari, whom they see as their only hope of returning to the Presidency after many years of remaining at the political periphery.

“If you like, take a tour of the major highways from Yobe to Kano and from Abuja to Kaduna and see how many of the president’s campaign posters are standing,” the governor said.

“There are even those on the street are so angry with anything Jonathan that if they find anyone trying to hoist his posters they would immediately remove or deface them.

“Other radical elements opposed to Jonathan have even warned those working for him in the north to retrace their steps or risk being attacked with their family members.

“I tell you that what is happening in the north since the emergence of Buhari has significantly altered the political fortunes of Jonathan in the North and it is going to be a tougher fight than what obtained in 2011.

But a politician from Kaduna told Vanguard last night that some posters of Jonathan and Governor Ramalan Yero in some strategic places in Kaduna but unavailable in many places suspected to be anti-Jonathan and the PDP.

“What is happening in Kaduna is that the posters of the President are present in areas that support Jonathan but you cannot find one in the key areas that are against the PDP and Jonathan.
“The situation on the ground here in Kaduna is that it may be very difficult for the status quo to be maintained,” the Kaduna-based politician said.

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