How To Move Nigeria Forward, By LFI

Unless Nigerians shun a lifestyle of lies and deception, the nation cannot move forward in the right direction, a promoter of a new Nigeria has said.

Mr. Tunde Araoye, an engineer and promoter of the Love of Fatherland Initiative (LFI) said a new Nigeria was attainable if the citizens live a Godly lifestyle in which truth, trust and honesty are the hallmarks.

Araoye spoke in Lagos at the launch of a five-point work-list, which he said the LFI was planning to promote across the country in 12 zones.

He said it negated the law of harvest to do things the same way and expect different results.

According to him, truth and trust are two sides of a coin, warning that there cannot be peace and progress in the land once the sides are taken over by lies and deception.

His words: “Nigerians want a honest leadership while the average citizen is dishonest. They want an engineer to render the services of a medical doctor without a re-orientation. It is a malignant disease affecting the country.

“Truth and trust are two sides of the same coin and they lead to societal peace and progress. Where these two are missing, there will be distrust amongst the people and without trust, no nation can experience progress.”

He listed five principles that will guide the country to greatness.

Araoye said that the fifth, which he identified as grace, was attainable with strict adherence to the first four, which he summarized as abstinence from a lifestyle of lie and extension of love to ones neighbours.

“These are the expressly-needed ingredients in Nigeria’s prevailing circumstances. All these will improve both the spiritual and well-being of the citizenry to generate a sound mind, a sound nation and improve the quality of life,” the crusader advised.

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