Lagos Launches Instructional Materials To Aid Learning In Its Schools

Lagos State on Thursday, 18th December, 2014, launched an instructional material tilted, ‘Lagos State In Nigeria and the World’ to aid the teaching and learning of civic education, history and geography among pupils and students in public primary and secondary schools.

The state Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, who launched the instructional material decried the dearth of maps and other instructional materials for the teaching and learning of civic education, history and geography adding that the launch of the instructional material will go a long way in helping the students understand the subjects better.

She explained that many Nigerians do not even know the map of the country hence they do not have a clear understanding of the locations of each state of the federation stressing that the instructional material will help in solving this problem.

She stated that, “let me assure you that the maps will help the students in their subjects such as Geography, History, Civic Education and Government among others and they will know more about the country, states of the federation, local government areas and indeed the world. In addition, the map will aid the understanding of the country by other Nigerians as well”.

Oladunjoye pointed out that research has shown that when the teaching of subjects is combined with instructional materials, students assimilate and understand such a subject better hence the importance of the instructional materials.

According to her, no fewer than 3,500 copies of the instructional materials have been purchased by the state government which will be distributed to the 1,007 public primary schools and 664 secondary schools in the Lagos.

The Commissioner also thanked the West African Venture for the donation of additional 4,500 copies of the instructional materials to complement the state government’s efforts in improving learning outcomes in schools.

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