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How I Got The Name Kiss Daniel – Woju Woju Crooner

Kiss Daniels is the newest singing sensation on the music scene at the moment. He burst onto the scene with his runaway hit, ‘Woju’, which has become an anthem of sorts. In this interview with ROTIMI IGE of TRIBUNE, he opens up about his new found fame and his plans for music domination.


Growing up was fun basically because my parents laid vibrant emphasis on education and optimal exposure. I grew up in Abeokuta where I had my primary and secondary school education.

I then proceeded to the at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, where I studied Water Engineering. I love playing video games and I read a lot of books that encourages self empowerment.

How and when did you discover your talent for music?

I have always loved music from day one. I was fortunate to have discovered my talent at a tender age but later I realised that I had to invest more attention to my education/studies. Also, listening to great legends really helped me create my distinct sound and choice for content.

Did you have your parents support?

My parents are seasoned in thought and would empower their kids if one really knew the ethics of the business one wanted to venture into. They made me do research on music, in order to be sure that I wanted to venture into it. They pretty much encouraged me and strengthened me to embark on the journey

When and why did you decide to do music professionally?

I started music professionally after I met Jahbless, who was a front runner in music business for me. He made me realise that music can be done beyond passion and encouraged me to step on the big stage. Talking about stepping up and getting on stage, that didn’t come until I met Emperor Geezy and I was signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013.

You are young and relatively new to the industry. How do you hope to hold your own in the crowded industry?

I think there’s room for everybody in the music and content industry. An artiste is as good as his team and I have a great label in G-Worldwide Entertainment and a dependable management team. Also, we put a lot of work into making great sounds, so competition does not exist.

How did you come about your stage name?

Well, it is simple. I got it while I was in school; friends called me a ladies man but I am actually a shy person for those that don’t know. One day, a girl walked up to me in school and asked me to kiss her. I was shocked! She opened up that she fancied me and all, meanwhile, all this happened in front of all my friends (both male and female). From then onwards, they tagged me ‘Kiss Daniel’ each time they wanted to differentiate me from other Daniels in school. This is why the name, ‘Kiss Daniels’ stuck and I decided to play along till date.

What kind of music do you do and why?

My Music is afrocentric, rich with melody and simple content which depicted what the everyday person can relate to …*smiles*

Your song ‘Woju o’ was an instant success. What is the story behind the song?

Big shout out to my label executive, “Emperor Geezy”. There were a lot of technical approaches and lessons learnt from the initial single that I put out before ‘Woju o’ titled ‘Shoye’. But ultimately, I thank God for his mercies .

You are currently recording a remix allegedly with Davido and Tiwa Savage. How true is this?

Well, we at G-Worldwide, are people driven with passion, goals and deliverables. For every project we do, we have an outline of goals . The goal now is to have Davido and Tiwa Savage on the remix .

Davido has recorded his part, which went viral online , and Tiwa will do hers soon. We can do a blueprint for the remix which can be strengthened and restructured to satisfy our esteemed fans.

What was the experience like, working with such great artistes in such a short time that you entered the mainstream of Nigerian entertainment?

All I can say is that I thank God almighty for the journey so far. I feel honoured and privileged to be working with the we learn everyday so I am learning by the minute.

Who are your musical mentors?

God is my mentor, I appreciate him greatly, because his creations inspires me all the time.

What is next for Kiss Daniels?

I would encourage my fans to be expectant. A lot of people didn’t see my songs, ‘Shoye’ coming likewise ‘Woju o’. So, they should expect more good content.

How easy was it getting signed especially as upcoming artistes face a lot of hardships getting labels…

Yes, I am signed to G-Worldwide. It is not easy getting signed, but for me, I think constantly working and building my craft got me a deal.

How do you intend to balance your education and your new professional career?

I am done with school, so for me, its music all the way. I am a graduate of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

You started the new year as one of the most anticipated acts to watch in 2015. How do you intend to do that?

We are well prepared and equipped for the task ahead .We would pull through and end well by God’s grace.

What memories of early life and growing up, shaped you to become who you are today?

Like I said at the beginning of this interview, my parents made sure we did the right things at the right time. I grew up with that and still put it into practice. Big shout outs to my sister, she works with Cool FM right now. She had always told me that I was going to be a voice in Africa and the diaspora and I think we are getting there .

Tell us something not many know about you?

I am very shy , please don’t be deceived by the looks. I am very approachable.

What inspires Kiss Daniel?

Good music, good content . That does it for me.

Culled from Saturday TRIBUNE

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