Joy, Encomium As GOS Brings Succour. To Artisans

For about two hours, a gale of relief and excitement swept through the gathering. It was at the premises of the Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos office of Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon (GOS) who represents Lagos West Constituency in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly.

The leaderships of the Lagos State Vulcanisers Association (LSVA) and the state chapter of the Nigeria Automobile Technicians Association (NATA) were given working tools on behalf of their needy members across the state.

Alhaji Ayinla Adeyemi, who chairs the vulcanisers’ body in the state, and his NATA counterpart, Asiwaju Jacob Fayeun, were there alongside other top officials of their respective associations.

Tens of vulcanising machines and an impressive number of varied well-packaged mechanic tools estimated at millions of naira were the cynosure of all eyes ouside the venue awaiting presentation to the beneficiaries through Adeyemi and Fayeun.

“Please see this as a promise made and kept. It is a gesture that was specially thought out to respond to the unbearable economic realities in our dear land today. I want you to distribute them equitably across the state in the overriding interest of all the less-privileged members of your respective associations.

“It is a task I could shoulder with my aides but I want the prospective beneficiary members of your associations to see these things as coming through you as their reliable and serviceable representatives. We have done it for other artisans in good spirit. And I dare say that with God behind us, this is just the beginning,” Solomon assured.

He lamented the rising spate of unemployment in the country, noting that the only panacea at the momentis for Nigerians, especially the jobless, to seek ways of ensuring economic self-reliance.

“No government can provide white-collar jobs for all the citizens. If this is so, it behoves the people to work on alternative avenues through which they can fend for themselves and their wards. This is why at our individual ends, we have been doing things like this,” the senator said.

Both Adeyemi and Fayeun were unsparing in praises and prayers for the senator for his continued support for ther organisations and members.

They promised to share the items equitably among their members to help them cushion the effect of the current socio-economic malaise on their businesses.

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