Re: The Triumph Of A United People In The Horizon, A Rejoinder By Daniel Akusobi


This is a rejoinder to one Mr. Nelson Ekujumi , who argued , in one of his recent postings here,  that we, Nigerians , have always been united in rejecting governments we did not like.

I think the right claim should have been , we, Nigerians, are always disjointed and have never been able to reject a government we hated.

I have not seen a nation wide  reasonable show of force by Nigerians  , in voice and actions , in warding off and in rejection of unconstitutional , and oppressive administrations , except perhaps , in rejection of Obasanjo’s bid to succeed himself  ( his 3rd term bids ). I think that was done mostly in print and radios and TV than with a match on our streets,  with posters .

All other examples Ekujumi gave were chance incidences we had prayed for but never actively worked for , as in what was done in the so called Arab spring era, in the middle East.

Remember , the military in Nigeria,  took turns in succeeding themselves , and we never took any protests to the streets, to register our disapproval of the way they come into power or how they ruled.

We consented and welcomed them each time they came under a different leader. We may have feared their guns .

Remember too , that our going to the polls  during IBB and first Obasanjo time , to elect a civilian , was their making too , a favor ,  and not by our forcing them through a nation wide organized  protests .

The military had the power to prevent elections, had the power to annul election results , had the power to pacify us , as they did immediately following Abiola saga , with their appointing Shonekan as an interim HoS , while Abacha prepared to mount the throne like IBB did.

They did all that without loosing a sweat , nor fear of a nationwide rejection party by the citizenry .

We know Jonathan has failed Nigeria  woefully , PDP has mortgaged the country , and BH has taken over a portion of our land. We know too , that a civilian regime may not use the army to quell any street protests against them. Did we protest ? .

We also know they know that we cannot be united to fight them back. This is because a lot of us still see Nigeria from our ethnic prisms, as such , would condone evils by our person in power just because we believe as, with SSSE, it is our son, our turn to  loot the country into personal wallets.

What else , other than ethnic sentiments,  would have been motivating an Igbo man in supporting Jonathan and his PDP, who have a proven record of neglecting our , Igbos’ need for a new bridge over the Niger river by Onitsha , when in fact , some of the Chibok girls victims could have easily been our own daughters .

The politicians  know us better than we know them. They know that in Nigeria, we elect criminals back into office. They know too , that we are very forgiving and prayerful.

What did we do in the events of their resurgence , same PDP, same looters, each successive election,    to effect some remorse in PDP and Jonathan , over the kidnap of over 300 Nigerian citizens by BH ?

Sorry, we did something. We blew our big grammar here and there , the best of all the weapons of mass protest,  we know and use .

A country united in love , purpose and need for a better future would have organized a national protest on our streets and state headquarters  ,  some national strikes at state and federal levels to protest our government’s failures at rescuing the Chibok girls . It is at such a show of rejection , if in place,  that we would have highlighted on some of the other ills , corruption , embezzlement , we think Jonathan sits on , and allows to flourish bountifully .

We saw a recent  nation wide , none violent protests in the USA, against police brutality. We also know about protests against protracted regimes in Algeria and Egypt. Those are examples of what Ekujumi  thought had  happened earlier than OBJ becoming a civilian HoS and what I think we should have done to register our disgust over PDP’s failures with the Chibok incidence. That PDP allowed Jonah to be their presidential candidate once more, shows they are a cult and cannot stop at messing Nigeria up , until something stops them.

Today , a lot of Nigerians are still supporting Jonathan and PDP in their bids to continue their status quo as though they , PDP and Joe, will magically invent any  new ideas to effect  different outcomes in our polities and war against BH.

The summary is we are yet to be that united people Ekujumi,  described .  We never   rejected anyway a government had handled us in the past , and may be now .
Watch the next presidential election results. It is either Buhari or Jonathan that would win. A smart and united by purpose people , country, Ekujumi called us , would have had the upcoming presidential election be a contest between Buhari and another PDP presidential candidate instead of Jonathan.
PDP knows why they believe Jonathan is their best candidate to lead our future Nigeria .

He is perhaps , the best they have , he allows them to loot our economy, he is the big pacifier,  they use to bribe the SSSE , and he is all they need to let BH conquer more territories.

Jonathan Goodluck should  not be seeking for another four years if he is capable of knowing he is a bad luck to our unity and progress , as  united nations of Nigeria in same way PDP should have disbanded , if they are capable of some insight into the disaster they are to our social  and economic  security.

The Chibok girls’ incidence alone, is more than a good reason to send Jonathan back to Otueke, and PDP into a dark cave.

This up coming presidential election offers us another chance to prove we know Goodluck Jonathan and PDP have been all the meanings of bad luck to Nigeria.
We should dump them !

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