APC Warns Fayose Against Negative Comments On Court Rulings

The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has asked Governor Ayodele Fayose to stop denigrating the authority of the nation’s judiciary in its adjudication functions in the course of serving justice.

Reacting to Fayose’s diatribe against the judiciary on its ruling that barred the President from deploying the military for election purposes, APC state Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun, said in a statement that the governor’s utterances smacked of contempt of court and brazen attempt to blackmail the judges in the course of performing their legal duties.

He said his attack on the judges was a continuation of his assault on the judiciary when he led thugs to attack the judges of the Ekiti High Court, tore their cloth and tore court records in the Chief Judge’s office while the CJ’s secretary was beaten.

Berating Fayose for his unbecoming attitude in the nation’s politics, Olatubosun said: “We had already raised the alarm that Ekiti State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had been sowing fake military uniforms for thugs to impersonate soldiers during the coming elections to help its candidates win.

The courts rulings are deep blows to that fraud. These thugs are already being housed in Adesua Lodge of the Government House where they take off everyday to attack opponents and destroy their posters.

“We have always insisted that Fayose can never survive in any system where the law works. He does not believe in law in doing anything.

“How can a Federal High Court in Jos and the nation’s Appeal Court make a pronouncement on same subject banning the Federal Government from deploying soldiers for elections and it now becomes the lot of only Fayose among the nation’s politicians to raise objection and castigating the judges? Olatubosun noted that his objection betrayed his mindset as a man always employing bullying tactics, illegal means and desperation to achieve his ends.

Olatubosun added that the governor’s actions so far in the run up to the general elections did not portray him as a leader ready to work within approved standard of the law and civilized conduct in decent societies where citizens live to enjoy maximum benefits allowed by God and the law.

He urged the governor to imbibe civility in his approach to issues and stop portraying himself as a man not fit for societies where the law works.

‎His words: “To demonstrate his depth of lawlessness and desperation, he went ahead to denigrate the Appeal Court judges as  APC’s allies in the judiciary who can never stop President Goodluck Jonathan from deploying soldiers for elections.

“Fayose was declared governor because he was supported by the military as revealed in the audio tape that captured the voices of some characters that helped him rig his purported election. He wants the same practice to continue, knowing full well that his party no longer has any hope of winning transparent elections in Nigeria because of the problems PDP has caused Nigerians in their thirst for development and growth,” he explained, adding:

“This is a man who first denied that his voice was caught on tape planning election rigging with his co-conspirators but later admitted when the evidence was too glaring.

“It is the same way the governor denied collecting N2 billion Ecological Fund but later admitted when he heard that we were at the Ecological Fund office in Abuja with FOI Law ‎to get the details,” the statement concluded.

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