Abducted Chibok Girls Not Killed Says Jonathan

The president said Boko Haram insurgents had not killed the over 200 schoolgirls of Chibok abducted last April.

He said terrorists would naturally want to display the corpses of the schoolgirls if they had killed them.

Asked why the abducted girls were yet to be rescued despite the recent success of the troops, he said: “we still have reasonable territories in the hands of Boko Haram. We promised that we must get the girls. The good story is that they (insurgents) have not killed them because the terrorists, when they kill, they display. They use it to intimidate the whole society. The girls are alive. We’ll get the girls. Luckily, we’re narrowing down the area of their (insurgents’) control. So, we will get them.”

He said terrorist activities had festered as the government initially underestimated the capacity of Boko Haram which, he noted, started as a non-violent group.”

Noting that his administration initially had difficulties to acquire necessary weapons from other nations, Jonathan said the military now has about 65 percent of the equipment required to prosecute the war against terrorism.

He also disclosed that Nigeria would go into manufacturing what he called high calibre weapons to fight terrorism.

“It got to a point where we needed some specialized equipment to use, and we don’t manufacture these equipment for now. Yes, as a nation, we’re trying…We’re going into that, but for now, we depend on getting there from other countries”, he said.

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