Commonwealth Youth Council Condemns South Africa’s Xenophobia Attack

The Commonwealth Youth Council, (CYC), has condemned in strong terms the on-going xenophobia attacks on foreigners in South Africa describing the attacks as a breach of the Commonwealth values.

Ahmed Adamu, chairperson of the council in statement issued on Friday, 17th April, 2015, said social cohesion is a guarantee for success and development therefore immegrants should not been seen as enemies of progress.

“People coming to your country to work are to your advantage as they will add to your productive labour force that propel your economy. They will have to exchange their foreign currencies with yours, injecting your economy with hard currencies and creates demand for your currency.

“The visa fees and the flight fare they pay your domestic airlines, the purchases, rent and patronage within your economy add up to the positive economic indicators of your country and they will help you learn new skills and exchange ideas and partner for developments,” the statement said.

The youth leader explained that there are two immigrants: professionals/businessmen and low skills immigrants. The first category add to the value of the economy, they inject lots to the economy. The second group provide cheap labour, making cost of production cheaper maintaining that it is an open world with equal opportunities and urged South African youths to “be fit and don’t be lazy”.

“Immigrants put you on your toes, to be competitive and challenge you to do more. If immigrants are preferred, it means they have competitive skills required for the job, and the efficiency of every job in your country is a positive indicator”.

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