CPPL Harps On Business Strategies To Drive Growth, Profitability

Not deterred by the pre-election mood of the nation, Customer Passion Point Limited (CPPL) recently held the March edition of its monthly training programme for small and medium business owners and personnel.

Interestingly, despite the apprehension preceding the presidential, senatorial and house of assembly elections, the programme had more businesses and their core staff, attending compared to previous editions.

The Lead Consultant and Facilitator of the training, Mr. Ikechukwu Kalu, was extremely impressed at the quality of attendance and discussions at the programme.

Expressing his pleasure, Kalu had this to say, ‘’the CPPL Monthly Training Programme has become a must for Nigerian businesses that see themselves as forward-looking. It is not just about learning skills, but getting the burst of motivation required to excel in the prevailing business environment”.

Kalu added further that, “the high point of the March training was the discussion on the essentials for business growth. These are concepts that border on the content of our marketing plan, capacity to implement excellently and the ability to ensure that there is a strong invitation in our communication.

Also critical is leadership – the business must be driven by someone who knows what he or she wants to achieve and is prepared to selflessly pursue it. Other factors are technology (and innovation) and a ‘Value Creation’ Mindset that runs across the business”.

To buttress his thoughts, he posited that, “one of the main goals of any business should be for the customer to say ‘Wow, how did you do that? This should come through in the way customers perceive your service, pricing and distribution. Customers must have the general feeling of ‘they know what they are doing’. We must make our customers scratch their heads in wonder about something every day, week, month or year of their interaction with us irrespective of the touch point”.

According to him, “communication is extremely important. It’s the totality of the invitation we make to our customers. Each invitation must be unique and personal every time. The more unique and personal our invitation becomes the better the chance of receiving quality response. We must desist from message blasts and avoid being perceived as treating everyone the same way. Message automation is good and helpful to geting more done but it should be implemented with some creativity that makes the customer feel important. We must understand the need to ‘hit the nail on the head’ in trying to court the customer”.

He went further to say that, “a leader must have Skill & Will. Without a leader in place who can, and will do everything to ensure success, any business will flounder. If a business is being managed by someone who struggles to keep up with the current business volume and flow, how will that same person have the ability to grow or double the value of the business over the next two to three years?.

Still expounding on the March 20th programme, Kalu said, “We spent some time to talk about the place of technology in creating and delivering value to your customers/client.

We must include latest technology in our businesses to beat competition, especially as growing businesses.

Technology gives the small business owner the level playing field to play along with even larger businesses ensuring better data collation, improved decision making processes, and overcoming service barriers’.

He concluded by dwelling on the issue of mind set. “CPPL advocates that a Value Creation mind set is crucial for entrepreneurs. Even as you execute today someone is becoming unimpressed, bored or another business is preparing to improve on what you offer and frog leap which will pull attention away from you. Accordingly to Seth Godin, “Good is not good enough, good is boring. Where is your purple cow?’

“It’s the ideas that spread that win. All in all we tell stories to drive home the skills and expertise we want to emphasize-lots of stories. That is the only way participants can understand and connect with what we are saying. Experience is huge and that is what makes it replicable. Anyone who hears me can repeat and even fine tune what I have done and be certain to get same great results”.

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