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My New Boyfriend Is The Last Man I’ll Date — Sobola Sotayo

Pretty Nollywood actress, Sobola Sotayo, might have broken many hearts looking to get on the first floor with her as she has revealed to Potpourri that she is engaged. At a recent encounter, the actress who was spotting what looked like an engagement ring told our reporter she is no longer looking for any Mr Right.

“’Yes, I am engaged and very happy about it because this is my last” she says. But the ring she was wearing was on the finger meant for marriage not engagement and she was asked why.  ”I don’t know. All I know is that I’m engaged, and my man decided to put it on this finger and I cannot question him” she answered.

Sobola premiered a blockbuster movie ‘Bella’ last December but instead of basking in the euphoria of success the movie brought, she is already on set of another movie of hers ‘, titled ‘Aba Ikilo’, a one-cast film that features only her.

On her experience while shooting the movie, she said, ‘Firstly, I thank God for his grace, mercy and favour to complete this project. I cannot really say why I made this movie, but I can tell you that there are so many roles I will love to play. Take a good look at me, no one will cast me as a village girl or try me out as an old woman; that is why I have taken it upon myself to produce movies that will allow producers and my fans see how versatile I can be”.

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