Fayose’s Criticism Of Oni, Omirin Lacks Depth, Says Speaker’s Aide  

Ekiti State Speaker Adewale Omirin’s Special Adviser on Media, Wole Olujobi, has reacted to Governor Ayodele Fayose’s media aide, Idowu Adelusi, over his boss over-bloated popularity rating, saying comparing the governor with former Governor Segun Oni and blaming Dr Adewale Omirin for Ekiti crisis is turning history to fiction and unconscionable beatification of the unholy in a reckless political brinkmanship.

“It is amusing ‎that Adelusi is talking about winning election by his boss on two occasions, forgetting that Nigerians can still recollect the circumstances that threw Fayose up on the two occasions.

“The first time, Fayose was a beneficiary of a “do or die” political fraud in the South West when he benefited from a mindless rigging coordinated by the Federal Government.

“The second time was more daring, with thousands of federal troops seizing Ekiti State to enable Fayose win. This is apart from the revelations in Ekitigate tape where Fayose himself said he collected INEC soft copies that he printed for his election.

“It is baffling that a media aide would come in the open to celebrate these frauds as befitting trophies that must be showcased through the media to the world,” Olujobi said.

He explained that subsequent election victories after “Ekitigate ‎expedition” were natural bandwagon effects which had thrown several characters up as Ekiti representatives in the National and House of Assemblies.

Arguing that Oni’s loss of his governorship position was more honourable than Fayose’s tempestuous administration fraught with alleged multiple frauds and scandals, the Speaker’s aide said the former governor was a man of integrity by all standards, adding that this sterling quality and crime-free lifestyle had elevated him to his current position as Deputy National Chairman, (South) of APC.

Scoffing at Adelusi’s allegation blaming Omirin for the House of Assembly crisis, Olujobi lampooned the governor’s aide for indulging in reckless misinformation, saying Fayose as a lawless governor authored all the crises that rocked the state since November last year.

“Adelusi’s argument that Omirin’s absence at Fayose’s inauguration marked the beginning of the crisis holds no water. Was it Omirin’s absence at the inauguration that made Fayose to send unknown names to the House and expected the names to be cleared as the commissioners same day?

“Was it Omirin’s absence at his inauguration that forced Fayose to impose an illegal Speaker chosen by seven lawmakers on 19‎ lawmakers? Could that explain why Fayose froze the House of Assembly bank accounts and electricity supply cut off from Omirin’s house while his official quarters were locked and his car seized? Is that why the 19 lawmakers are being trailed by assassins?

“Can we say it was Omirin that advised Fayose to recklessly trample on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria over which he is currently facing a supremacy battle between him and and the law of the nation”? Olujobi queried.

He advised Adelusi and other aides, who he said appeared more sober than the governor, to always have special counselling sessions with their boss to advise him on civil approach to political issues, ‎arguing that lack of decorum was the very devil that the governor had embraced and which was responsible for his current travails and troubles in Ekiti State.

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