Indecent Dressing: The Cause, The Effect, The Solution By Ifeoluwa Antar-Laniyan

Indecent dressing is a social malady in the society today especially by the youths. It simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public.

This practice does not conform to the norms and values of the society, particularly the African society.

This practice is now so common in public places like in churches and offices. Indecent dressing is caused by common phrases which are the problems of our generation like; “Only God can judge me, you can’t”, “Leave them alone”,

“Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion”;

“Mind your business”. These phrases have become so common in our society that one can’t condemn any wrong doings again because the rewards are usually curses, malice, hatred and condemnation.

Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassments recorded in the society, overtime. In the name of fashion, ladies dress half naked to functions for instance Nigerian ladies derive pleasure in wearing miniskirts, bumper shorts, armless tops etc.

Innocent boys have been subject to arrests along with hooligans because of this ill. Boys nowadays fix hairs, pierce ears making them look like hardened criminals, so one cannot really police for arresting them.

Nowadays, there are different boy styles like sagging, hot bosom, low west and the likes. Although to say the least, these unfortunate societal ill has now eaten deep into both the young and the old, it is also common amongst artistes especially while they are on stage.

This is another cause for indecency in dressing amongst youths as most youths see these characters as role models and mentors.
Major factors contributing to this societal problem include: the society, peer groups and parents.

Reasonably parents are not to be a part of this problem but nowadays, parents encourage their offspring by buying them these kinds of clothes or recommend them to the children to attend parties.

There are various ways in which indecent dressing can be reduced in our society at least to a minimum level. Parents should dress decently and act as role models to their children, religious institutions should always promote the culture of decent dressing, dress codes should be introduced in higher institutions and given to all students, the mass media should do more to promote decency in dressing among youths and there should be formation of campus brigades to check the dressing patterns of students.

Ifeoluwa Antar-Laniyan is a student of Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo.

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