Woman Demands N3m From Fiance For Taking Her Virginity Before Dumping Her For Another Woman

A Bulawayo woman who was extremely angry that her fiance took her virginity and impregnated her before dumping her for another woman, had taken the case to court, demanding $15,000 or N3 million as damages.

To make matter worse, she discovered that the man has not only been sleeping with another woman, he has also fathered a child with her.

The lawsuit was filed in Zimbabwe.

Chido Fortune Mutonhori told the court that she was embarrassed and humiliated when Tafadzwa Hwehwe breached his promise to marry her after taking her virginity and getting her pregnant.

The woman said that her fiance visited her in Harare, during which time he had sex with her and got her pregnant.

Several months ago however, she discovered that Hwehwe was sleeping with another woman and fathered a child with her.

The woman is demanding $10,000 (N2 million) in damages for losing her virginity and $5,000 (N1 million) for breaching the promise to marry her.

In additions, the woman is demanding that her former fiance pay her legal fees.

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