For Refusing To Divorce His Wife, Concubine Sues Media Executive For N400m For Six Years Of Unpaid ‘Services’

A 67-year-old mistress who spent the last six years trying to get a retired media executive to divorce his wife and leave her alone at their Park Avenue home has filed a $2million (N400 million) suit against the man.

James Greenwald, 88, was professionally and romantically involved with Theodora Lee Corsell while he was living with his wife Marilee, according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court

Corsell is suing for the ‘reasonable value’ of the six years during which her ‘services’ went unpaid.

Theodora Lee Corsell, 67, said she was involved with James Greenwald for six years, with the promise that he will divorce his wife and marry her.

But the wife insisted that she will rather see him die rather than grant him divorce.

So Theodora has now sued the 88-year-old Greenwald for the ‘reasonable value’ of professional services.

Her ‘professional services were separate and apart’ from their relationship .

Greenwald’s attorney said his client ‘remains happily married to his wife’

Culled from Daily Mail

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