Horror! Three Children Of Same Parents Burnt To Death Day Their Mother Gave Birth To New Baby

It was a sad tragic irony for a man whose wife just gave birth late Saturday, 13th June, 2015, when he lost three other children to a fire incident that gutted his house.

The tragic incident occurred at 20, Fakoya Street, Hajj Camp area, Akowonjo, a suburb of Lagos. investigation revealed that the tragic incident was caused by the father of the deceased children himself.

Our correspondent learnt that the mother of the house had just given birth to a baby in a hospital and the man came home to announce the good news to his children.

He prepared food for them, fed them and put them to sleep. He later took the mother’s food to her in the hospital.

Before going out, he lit a candle for illumination for the children, locked them inside and that proved to be tragic as the candle caught fire and the whole room was set ablaze.

The tragic incident was aggravated by a generating set, gas stove and keg of petrol locked together with the children in the room.

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