Pregnant Woman Jumps To Death After Finding Husband Having Sex With Her Pregnant Mother

A pregnant Ghanaian woman has committed suicide after finding her husband having sex with her own mother, who had who was also pregnant, it has been claimed.

The unidentified woman is understood to have returned home early from a shopping trip to find her husband and her mother having sex in the married couple’s bed.

Shortly afterwards, the woman was said to have discovered that her mother’s pregnancy was the result of her secret relationship with the same husband.

Devastated at their betrayal, the pregnant wife was said to have jumped from the roof of her apartment building, dying as a result of her injuries in hospital later the same day.

Details of the tragedy were revealed by, citing several sources.

It is understood that the woman’s mother and husband had been having an affair for some time and that their secret relationship was only discovered when the wife caught them in act of having sex.

While still trying to come to terms with the double betrayal, the woman suffered further humiliation when she learned that her mother had actually become pregnant as a result of the affair.

Shattered by the news, the woman decided to take her own life despite being pregnant herself.

According to a police report seen by Inquisitr, the woman actually survived the initial leap from her apartment building but died later in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

There remains some confusion over exactly where the woman’s alleged suicide took place, with most reports claiming a local police report confirmed it happened in Ghana.

The tragic story comes just months after a Zimbabwean woman named Tsitsi Zhou-Usiku discovered her mother having sex with her businessman husband in the village of Madhau.

Erina Zhou, 40, and son-in-law, Tsiku Usiku, 51, later appeared in court charged with adultery.

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