Jungle Justice: Suspected Armed Robber Lynched By Mob In Ikeja + Photo

Another suspected robber was handed down the now famous jungle justice by a crowd in Ikeja, Lagos.

It is becoming a daily affair in the country these days where mobs take laws into their hands to mete out jungle justice to suspected criminals.

Though some people think this sort of action is necessary to send a message to would be criminals, others believe it is because the police and other security agency are not to be trusted if these suspects are handed over to them.

Another disturbing photo of a suspected armed robber being lynched by an excited mob including little children emerged and according to eyewitnesses, the young man was caught trying to rob around the Ikeja axis of Lagos and instant justice was carried out on him.

It was not known if he was killed or rescued by the police but on the whole, this is really bad.

Incidences of such jungle justice has been going on unabated, especially in most metropolitan cities like what happened in Onitsha in a spate of two days where suspected armed robbers were set on fire.

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