Girl’s Strange Confession: I’ve Been Having Sex With My Father For Eight Years And It’s Normal + Photo

A Moroccan girl has raised the bar on an incestuous relationship she had with her father, lasting eight years and she says there is nothing wrong with being in love with her father, reports the country’s influential site, Akhbarona.

The girl who narrated her experience on a radio programme, described the practice as normal and that she enjoyed the whole affair while it lasted and would do anything to continuesleeping with her father.

The unidentified girl spoke to the radio presenter during a programme on the widespread incest phenomenon in the North African Arab country.

Newspapers said the girl told the presenter that she had a relationship with her father at their home for nearly eight years and described it as normal.

“The programme wanted to show that most incest victims are not normal and are suffering from psychological problems, but that girl said she had no such problems,” Akhbarona wrote.

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