Police Discover Tunnel Robbers Dug To Access Banking Hall + Photo

Police operatives attached to the Ondo State Police Command, have thwarted what would have been an ingenious innovation in crime after they discovered a large tunnel leading to the banking hall of a commercial bank in Akure, the state capital, purportedly dug by suspected armed robbers.

According to reports, the tunnel was dug from the fence of the bank, leading directly into the banking hall, which would have made access into the bank easy. The tunnel could take up to three persons at a time as the back of the fence is an isolated area which would have made the suspects operated unhindered for hours.

A police source said of the strange discovery:

“If we had not discovered this tunnel and the robbery had taken place, it would have been adjudged as the biggest robbery incident in Ondo State.

The gang apparently planned to carry out the bank robbery operation during the weekend, when they were sure, bankers wouldn’t be around.

The bankers would have resumed on Monday to discover that all the money in the vault had been carted away!”

The State Commissioner of Police, Mike Ogbodu, who confirmed the incident, said it was the banks’ surveillance squad that discovered the long tunnel behind the Ado/ Owo Road branch of the bank.

“The length of the tunnel, dug from the perimeter fence of the bank, into the premises, was about 10 to 15 meters.

The tunnel was apparently prepared to serve as a passage into the bank premises to carry out their nefarious act without being noticed.”

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