Rallying Bayelsans To Vote APC For Gubernatorial Election In December, 2015

By Ndutimi Alaibe

It is exactly one month that I had to step down from competing in the just concluded Bayelsa Governorship Primaries.

This was one of the numerous personal sacrifices I have had to make since my venture into politics. I stepped into the race to give further bite to my burning desire to extricate Bayelsa State from abysmal leadership failure. The decision to withdraw from the race may have attracted various meanings across Bayelsa State and beyond with some understandably expressing misgivings and disappointment. All the same, it had to be done for purposes I had clearly indicated to be in the overall interest of the APC and Bayelsa. We retreated to have the opportunity to further test our acceptability which we believe is still wide and soild, in the future.

My dear friends, supporters and loyalists, my previous forays into the political arena ended amicably on the negotiation table. The negotiations were not of particular pecuniary benefits to me alone. So many persons have become senators, members of the House of Representatives, State, Commissioners and so on.

This time around, we beat a tactical retreat because of the tempestuous conditions capable of overheating the APC in Bayelsa State and consequent loss of innocent and valuable lives. We believe strongly that no personal ambition is worth the spilling of blood.

I remain very humbled and elated by your commitment to the cause of Changing Bayelsa And Change Bayelsa We Must.

Following the primaries, Governor Timipre Sylva emerged as the Flag bearer for the Party. We congratulate him and applaud his doggedness. The National Leadership of our party has enjoined all groups to close ranks and work for the unity and success of the APC on December 5, 2015. In this regard, Chief Timipre Sylva deserves our maximum support as the governorship candidate of our great party. I therefore  enjoin you to Come Out One and All and work assiduously for APC and our Flag bearer, Timipre Sylva. I am convinced that it is only our collective efforts that can bring about the much needed change in Bayelsa State.

The grassroots belong to you. Beat the pavements, knock the doors, move from Community to Community, from Ward to Ward, from polling booth to polling booth. Speak to all the men, women and youths of voting age. Get them to Vote for Change, for APC, the only party that can change Bayelsa from the economic and infrastructural malaise it currently faces.

Let us all work assiduously to restore Bayelsa’s prosperity, defend our security especially at this time when Bayelsa State is teetering on the throes of a security crisis. Let us work together to begin afresh to leave a legacy for a stronger, more virile Bayelsa State.

Long Live the APC
Long Live Bayelsa
Long Live Nigeria
Ndutimi Alaibe

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