Man Cuts Off Wife’s Lover’s Ear After Catching Them Having Sex + Photo

A Kenyan man who took advantage of the absence of a husband to sneak in and have sex with his wife, will live the rest of his life without one of his ears after the angry husband returned unexpectedly and caught the adulterous duo in his bed.

The report carried by Kenyan.Co.Ke, the incident happened in the Mororo slums in Madogo Division, Tana River County, when the husband, Mwaniki Mate, came home unexpectedly from work only to meet the intruder having sex with his wife.

Mate, who was said to have been away for work, made an unexpected return home where he found his wife in bed with the unnamed man and on sensing danger, his wife fled, leaving the two men in the house fighting and in the end, Mate sliced off the right ear of his rival.

Neighbours who heard cries coming from the house, reportedly rushed to the scene and forced their way in only to find the man with his ear chopped off.

Mate was arrested and taken to the area Assistant Chief, Mohammed Loka who confirmed the incident, accusing young ladies of keeping multiple men so they could maintain their wayward lifestyles.

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