Group Flays Gbenga Aluko For Disparaging Tinubu; Says Such Person Is Unwelcome In APC

The Action Group caucus of the Ekiti State chapter  of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has descended heavily on Senator Gbenga Aluko for casting aspersions on the political relevance of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu within APC, whom it described as the unshakable pillar of the party in the southwest.

In a speech he made while pleading that he be “assimilated” into APC in Ekiti State, the senator who represented Ekiti South Senatorial District at the Upper Legislative Chamber between 1999 and 2003 said, among other things, that Senator Bola Tinubu was already tired politically and was almost being booted out of the APC.

But in its reaction to Aluko’s statement APC Action Group, through its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, said that it was quite unfortunate that somebody who wanted to be assimilated into a party could be coming with such a divisive mindset like that of Aluko.

“Imagine someone still begging to join our party from the dying Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) saying at our party secretariat, of all places, that those party members going to Osogbo and Bourdillion would soon regret doing so. That the man at Bourdillion was already tired and would soon be sent away from the party!”
“Making such disparaging statement as he did about the party he aspires to join  and its national leader is quite unfortunate, a misadventure, mischievous and a misnomer. We are not in PDP where there is no respect for leaders and elders.”

Dipe said Aluko should remind himself that the recent achievement of Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will forever remain very fresh in the memory of every Nigerian and should not have warranted such disparagement from him or anyone.

“Aluko wants to come and eat from a cooked food. Yet without Tinubu putting all his political arsenals to use, there would not be an APC for him to start contemplating being assimilated into today. We know Aluko’s antecedent of moonlighting and political prostitution. We know he loves to identify himself with other people’s success,” Dipe said.

Dipe said Tinubu was not just any other politician that could be equated to any politician within the PDP where Aluko wanted to leave for the APC.

“For him to have made such a disparaging statement regarding our national leader therefore simply means he does not recognise our structure and cannot fit into our party.

“We are not surprised though that Aluko is making such divisive statement as we saw him doing. Or is he  not the same Aluko who was quoted while in the senate as having said that he was not a Yoruba senator and was not in support of any Yoruba Agenda? Why then should we expect such a person to respect our culture and appreciate our values? He wondered.

Dipe said Aluko should however be reminded of the Yoruba adage that says a child who boasted that he would have his lunch with the head of the pigeon on attaining maturity would be debarred from growing up by the same pigeon.

“Now we know why Aluko became a pariah in his PDP. He was once accused of name-dropping by his own blood brother and he was always making unguarded statements, throwing missiles from within. We don’t want such a person in our party,” Dipe siad.

The APC Action Group thus called on Senator Gbenga Aluko to publicly apologise to the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whether he would eventually join the party or not. Not to do so, the group said, was for Aluko to have drawn ire against himself and his future political ambition, which would keep him running from pillar to post.

“Gbenga Aluko started with faulty steps and wobbly legs. He is a wingless bird with perfidious ambition. If he is this arrogant when naked and running to our party, we wonder what would become of him when eventually he is well-clothed by us. Hence, his journey from PDP to APC has ended just as it began,” APC-AG said.

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