You’re A Threat To Nigeria’s Constitution, APC Tells Fayose

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has described Governor Ayodele Fayose as a threat to the Nigerian Constitution and orderly society. Reacting to Governor Fayose’s attack on Lagos fiery lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) over his position on the alleged election fraud that returned him (Fayose) to power, the party said the eminent lawyer could not have maintained his former position after revelations emerged that Fayose allegedly stole his way to power.

Falana and Fayose Falana had said that Fayose is liable to prosecution in the light of the new revelations linking his victory to alleged electoral fraud through illegal militarisation and illegal printing of sensitive INEC materials through which he won the election. Falana had noted that this was revealed by Fayose himself in the secretly recorded audio tape by Captain Sagir Koli, including revelations contained in the confessions by PDP State Secretary, Dr Tope Aluko. Fayose’s voice was also heard in the tape talking of how collation of the results was done on June 19, two days before the June 21, 2014 governorship election.

Falana insisted that Fayose could not hide under immunity to engage in impunity and crime to commit treason to illegally remove a sitting governor. Fayose however responded, accusing Falana of double standards and lack of integrity, having supported his election after the result was announced on June 22, 2014. But in a statement by the APC Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, the party said Fayose should shut up and stop insulting Nigerians in his shameless defence of criminal acts that brought him to power.

Accusing the governor of using immunity to commit impunity, the party said Fayose was carrying a moral and legal burden in the election that brought him to power, arguing that in a sane society, the governor would have resigned. Arguing that Falana supported the governor’s election based on information available at the time, Olatunbosun explained that the revelations contained in Ekitigate audio tape and revelations contained in the testimony of the PDP State Secretary, Dr Tope Aluko, were mind-boggling and potent enough for the senior lawyer to change his position.

Expressing surprise that Fayose was still talking of Falana and American support for the election that has become a butt of jokes locally and internationally, Olatunbosun berated the governor for casting aspersion on Falana’s integrity, saying the senior lawyer is a pride of Ekiti people because of his integrity, scholarship and his fight for the cause of justice.

Accusing Fayose of engaging in siege mentality and attacks on his opponents to divert attention from the election fraud saga that brought him to power, Olatunbosun said: “Fayose is jittery and that is why he is stoking violence.

He has started attacking individuals in Ekiti State like he did during his first aborted tenure in 2006. “We want to remind Fayose that many of his party leaders, who still have a modicum of integrity, have also left PDP in droves because they could not stand the shame he has brought upon them through the Ekitigate scandal planned and executed by him and  some of his cohorts. Therefore, Falana cannot be an exception. “Fayose is being haunted by his criminal past and there is no way he will not meet his comeuppance no matter how he tries to evade justice.

“Through his past and present deeds, decent people of the world have since discovered that Fayose is a threat to democracy and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, law and order in the society and everyone knows that there is no way he can operate in a society where the law works.”

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