Ilaro Anglican Church’s Crisis Deepens As Members Call For Bishop’s Removal

As members of the Cathedral Church of Christ (Anglican Communion), Ilaro, headquarters of Yewa South Local Government Council, Ogun State, kicked against the unilateral closure of the church, the Bishop, Rt. Reverend Michael Adebayo Oluwarohunbi, has said that the matter is a family affair.

However, some members of the church are currently campaigning for the removal of the Bishop.

Bishop  Oluwarohunbi had allegedly called in welders to permanently shut down the church’s main gates since February 24, 2016. Things were said to have fallen apart at the church located at Ona-Nla Quarters, shortly after some members discovered that unauthorized pillars were discreetly erected at the four corners of the church building as well as inside the worship hall during a revival programme and sort clarification from Bishop Oluwarohunbi as the Provost of the church and presiding priest, Very Reverend Solomon Rotimi Adewumi, was out of town at the period.

Information gathered show that during the meeting, Bishop Oluwarohunbi explained to the leaders that he erected the pillars to mark his posting as new Bishop of Yewa Diocese, but could not convince the leaders why he had to embark on such mission in the cathedral premises without officially informing church members. A source, who was part of the meeting and spoke on condition of anonymity, said that suspicion arose following the meeting until it became clear that the Bishop was on a collision course with the elders for querying his authority and position.

Bishop Oluwarohunbi described the crisis as a family affair. “It is not time yet to talk to the press about it. The church leadership is looking into it and I am sure that very soon, it will be settled,” he said and declined to further comments on the matter.

The first major sign of danger was the sudden lack of communication between the Provost and the Bishop. “While nobody can say why the Bishop seemed not to want to see his Provost anymore, it was clear that they were no longer headed towards the same page,” the source said.

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