Children’s Day: Olulade Advises Against Drug Abuse, Anti-Social Behaviours

As Nigerian children joined their counterparts worldwide to celebrate the 2015 Children’s Day, Chairman, House Committee on Health Services of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Segun Olulade, has advised them against drug abuse, violence and lawlessness saying such habits would destroy their future.

Olulade, in his message to the Children, explained that the children would be more useful and beneficial to Nigeria if they stayed away from drugs and other anti-social behaviours, just as he urged them to shun friends and peers who may lure them into taking up such habits that would destroy their minds.

“Let me continue to advice and urge that children must stay away from drugs, drug abuse and from substance abuse. It would destroy your minds, I assure you, if you don’t stay away. This nation needs you, it needs your energy and it needs your minds to develop.

“Those who live violently are likely to die violently, so as children you must avoid guns and violence. This nation needs you to be alive. I want you to be alive to witness the Nigeria that I see ahead; a Nigeria where all of your potentials would be fulfilled.

“I want you to be alive and witness a Nigeria where there would be power, a Nigeria where there would be prosperity, a Nigeria where there would be good governance, a Nigeria that would lead the whole world across nations, and you would be alive to see that Nigeria. If you stay away from violence, I am sure that you would see that Nigeria,” the statement read in part.

The lawmaker, who is representing Epe Constituency II in the House, reiterated that the children must stay away from friends who invite them to join cults or bad gangs adding that, “instead join the Boys scout; join the Boys Brigade; join the Girls Guild and other social and voluntary clubs that are available in the schools.

“You must also continue to remember that the road to success is paved by the stones of hard work. You must work hard to pick up those stones and you would see success. All of us must remember to obey the law because it is only a lawful society that is an orderly society that would become a prosperous society,” Olulade added.

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